Fog returned on Travel Map during late game

Platform: Windows Loaded Via Steam.

Do you have any mods? None.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

While playing the Fog graphics returned to the Travel Map. I am in late game having just finished the Twice Born Warlord quest lines. The game is playable, however finding locations and navigating is very difficult.

I have attempted to reload to an earlier save, however the map glitch persists.

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Same platform as OP and no mods.

I just ran into this exact issue. However, prior to this, I was actually experiencing an issue where the act 1 fog wasn’t visible on the Travel Map. The fog was definitely still there, it triggered the interactive story sequence that blocks your path in all the correct locations, but the clouds weren’t visible.

For me, the fog visual showed up almost immediately after starting act 2. I can’t remember if the fog was visible the first time I entered the Travel Map or if it appeared after loading my first Travel Map quicksave. Either way, it was within minutes of leaving the capital of my newly founded barony for the first time.

As the OP mentioned, this visual bug isn’t a blocker in the sense that nothing happens when travelling into, through, or out of the areas covered by the fog… but it does make these early stages of map exploration far more challenging as you can’t see any paths under the fog.

When I returned to play the game today, the fog effect went away. I had previously exited the game and come back and it had not helped. I have not rebooted my computer since I started encountering the issue.

This also appears to be fixed for me. And it looks like there were two patches this week that had to do with the act 1 fog and fog of war (which was maybe related).

Update 2.1.3
Update 2.1.3b