Flintrock Grassland and how not to use CRPGs

I’m currently “enjoying” the mission Amiri undertook in Flintrock Grassland, going stealthily in a camp to do her part of business.

How many things can be wrong at the same time with this “mission”?

  1. The game changes completely, Amiri has to stay away from the defiled sisters, and it’s up to the player to guess how far is sufficient. If she fails, it’s back to loading the game - and there’s a lot of that. Changing completely the game and using to do something it’s not used for is silly, and frustrating to the player.

  2. Amiri is not IC, her thing is not stealth, and behaving like she should only means to failure and more reloading.

  3. CRPGs are about managing failure, it’s often possible once the player gets a feeling of the game and the abilities of his/her character and companions. Here failure means reloading, not a good experience.

  4. What’s the fun in this linear mission of hide and seek?

  5. The fight is apparently not turn-based, or not always, or something is different? That that it matters since it’s impossible to win.

I could go on. I hope there aren’t too many of those “experiments”, or at least they should be optional with a big warning “this is a different sub-game”.

Please don’t do this anymore.

I really enjoy it. There are several ways to solve it, some with no stealth at all. The fight isn’t impossible - there’s some interesting options that open up if you manage to win.

A lot of us like games that take a little creativity and aren’t easily mastered on the first pass.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I don’t mind having to do several attempts, or even redoing a quest or a combat to see what can be improved, but here I felt the rules were quite arbitrary and didn’t rely much on the past experience. But that’s just my opinion, glad to hear it’s not everyone’s.

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The fight was not absolutely impossible? Wow, that’s probably for the same people that try to fight that bear treant alone… at level 2.

I agree that the game took an unexpected turn there, but why not? It was over in less than 10 minutes anyway.

Mirror Image and Displacement and/or her pet and/or attacking his poor Reflex saves.

Both this fight and Val’s fight they’re better off if they lose them but neither one is impossible.