Flexible system of influence for companions

I understand this might overlap with some topics about mythical paths, but wanted to talk about this in a more general sense. In PK, your options regarding interactions with certain companions were extremely limited. Some of them you can’t even send away, some don’t listen to you regardless of picked options and you can’t do anything about it, except fail their quest intentionally.
Dev diaries mentioned companions getting part of your mythic power and leaving if they disagree with you (presumably, disagree with you being a swarm or a lich).

So how far does that go? Can a lich kill and resurrect companions who are not willing to follow him? Can you simply force a companion to do something, and attack if they refuse? Bonus points if you are LE and get to use blackmail instead of direct threats.
Or, dare I say, maybe there should be a generic way of handling this based on alignment, that can be applied to mercs as well.


I’m curious to know this as well. Companions are one of my favorite aspects of RPGs.