Fixing troops and crusade

So many units are utter garbage. The entire system clearly favors specific approaches and makes some troops useless.

Most glaring issues is the few troops you get but can’t get more of - as your army only has 3 slots to start with, why would you put 8 sorceres in there when you can put 100 spearman or archers?

The slot limit is downright terrible, as it also prevents you from splitting troops.
A better limit would to total troop count. Give all generals full slots and have manouver mastery increase total troop cap.

  • the insane balance with values going WAY to high or low. The differences is values is too damn high between various troops, with some being pure HP/armor sponges with no offense (terrible, takes a million turns for them to do any damage), some having tons of HP, other having basically none, for no good reason.

Normalize the HP values - all values - average them a bit, bring them close to the median. One unit having 22HP, while another having 150 or 300 (despite bot being human) is insane.

Now, down to units:

  • Shield Bearers. Terrible, because they cannot fulfill their primary purpose - hold back the enemy. Without some ability to gather aggro or block tiles to their left/right for the enemy, their fail at their main task. Also, their offense is downright terrible.
    Those armored knights have a similar problem. All tank and HP.

  • Champions. they are supposed to be the best, in full plate and with greatsword. A disspointment. 22 HP??? Terrible AC? Make them tankier, make them stronger, but reduce their number and increase their price.

  • Paladins. Exactly the same as clerics, but moving faster. Could again use less numbers, higher price and a bit better stats. Especially armor.

  • Mages (those dwarf wizards) - cant be recruited anywhere (aside from one event, I never found them among the mercs). Main damage is lightning, against all demons are immune. Poor spell selection. Terrible.

  • Sorceres. Not too bad, but squishy. Dragon from does not work.

  • Ranges units. They are pretty much the get-go. Rangers and Marskman and Mongrels are if anything, too good.

  • spearmen. Give them a penetrating special (can hit a unit and a unit behind it) or first strike…or bonus against cavalry. Something.

Those are just some on which I have strongest opinion.


Mounted units are worthless. This despite autoresolve thinking they are the strongest unit. The idea is hold position so you can get off as many ice storms as possible, not rush to where you can get killed.

I either kill Regil or tell him to go back to shining his jackboots so I never get shield bearers as a recruitable unit but they are amazing. The 15 that Horgus gives me last me until the fane. They’re unkillable and number of battles really just require that you to be able to keep one unit alive until the end.

Big champ stacks do a ton of damage.

Champions and hedge knights are great. Champions and shield bearers cover my archers.