Fixes Need To Happen, And They Need To Happen Fast

I’m going to be brutally honest. The game shouldn’t have been released. Not yet. Certainly not in this state.

I have come across more bugs in this game than any other game that I’ve played. EVER. PERIOD. And not only are the bugs innumerable, they’re obvious, easy to replicate, and often times gamebreaking (such as sparing Orsu only for the damn thing to get up, start combat, and proceed to be completely unkillable. And just sit there. Endlessly healing). What this tells me is that either the beta was hundreds of times worse, or there was little to no bugfixing between the beta and now.

Regardless of the bugs, I also recently made a short post about Crusade mode and the obscene inconsistencies of the difficulty. I’ve seen other players remark about the dire lack of resources or ability to recruit when necessary. Again, this is something that should have been caught in the beta and been fixed before launch. As it is, it feels like it was slapped into the game at the very last minute.

I conclude by repeating that the game shouldn’t have launched in this state. The studio should have taken more time to iron out the bugs, properly balance Crusade mode, and probably fix other issues I have yet to discover. Because if I’m encountering this many problems early game, I’m absolutely terrified of what late game is going to look like.

I loved Kingmaker, and I want to love Wrath of the Righteous. But it’s hard to love something that doesn’t feel like there’s been much love put into it. I’ve heard that Kingmaker had a similarly rough start so… who knows. Maybe all of this will be fixed. I just hope it’s soon. Because right now, as much as I desperately want to, I can’t in good conscience recommend this game to anyone.

Crusade Mode couldn’t be properly tested in the last beta phase because the building system wasn’t implemented. Between that and the massive change in that mode between phase two and three it’s no surprise that it is still buggy and not fun.

So what you’re saying is that it was in fact a last minute addition. At least in it’s ‘finished’ state.