Five confirmed monk classes! Missing just one!

What’s the final monk archetype going to be, bros?! I’m dying to know! Mystery Monks!

Either Martial Artist or Sin Monk, because the best monk is a non-lawful monk.
Although I wouldn’t say no for getting the Wasteland Meditant as well. Given that the Worldwound pretty much is a corrupted wasteland at this point.

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Master of Many Styles is looking good though!

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Yep, I also hope for the Sin Monk - we definitely need a non-lawful choice here.


Very much this. Monk has the alignment issue where it makes multi-classing for the companions in PKM very much difficult

The Sohei Archetype sound a lot like it makes any Fighter Class as well as any Ranged Weapon Class moot:

  • 20 BAB
  • has Mount which Fighter lacks
  • Flurry of Fighter Weapon Group (3x)
  • retains Monk AC Bonus

So really anyone who uses any 1 of these Fighter Groups:

  • Crossbow
  • Monk Weapons
  • Polearm
  • Spears
  • Thrown Weapons

… will assuredly take levels in Sohei. Especially as it also offers a Mount. As I read the Archetype description I immediately though: ‘this is the best Class ever’.

non-caster > Sohei
caster > caster

Also, since Mythic Paths disallow caster levels to be stacked from L4 & L6 semi-casters, these Classes are a lot less appealing and guess what, a lot of these have Mounts but no BAB 20.

A Sohei can cast spells using the Mythic Paths spellbook at caster level 20 like a L4 & L6 semi-caster in addition to its fighting capabilities and I think a Sohei Wisdom Mounted caster + Flurry of Death build would be insane.

A full BAB AND Mount only the Cavalier, Paladin, Ranger and Mad Dog have but NONE of them get extra attacks at Highest BAB AND AC Bonus so worthless in comparison.

The only problem with the Sohei is the lawful alignment and since the Class is the ultimate non-caster the conclusion is:

lawful > Sohei or caster
non-lawful > caster

Yes! Weapon training makes Sohei so much worth! It also allows me to have fun with mounted combat!

Sohei looks cool. I wonder how it would be for a halfling. Seems good.