First Community Update: A month has passed

Nearly a month has passed since the end of the Kickstarter Campaign for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. A lot has happened. And we have made a great amount of work on the game. During this time we were paying close attention to what is discussed in the community. With the help of our moderators, we’ve gathered some of the most popular questions and topics. And they will be addressed in our first community update!

  1. Slacker-backer campaign and backer portal

One of the main questions and discussions was about backer portal and when it will launch. With all the events it was delayed a bit, but it is coming! We plan to launch it by early next week.
And a slacker backer campaign will launch with backer portal.

  1. How alignment affects mythic paths

We saw a lot of questions about mythic paths and alignment restrictions. This topic was addressed during AMA session:
“This goes into some heavy spoiler territory, so I can only give you a vague answer: choosing a mythic path won’t lock you into One Possible Story, you’ll have room for roleplay within each of them. It won’t be “choose which railroad to ride”, every path comes with its own set of choices, consequences and endings.”

  1. How will payment with PayPal work?

You will send it using standard PayPal method. We will provide all the details with the launch of backer portal.

  1. More information about physical rewards (dice tower, snowball, etc.)

Currently we are working on the design for our physical rewards :slight_smile: We want to create something that we will be proud of and we will put our heart into them.

  1. What HoMM combat will be like?

This is a bit of an early question to ask. While we had some ideas on it, the whole system will be created from scratch. There will be changes to it here and there. But we will definitely talk about it more when the time comes!

  1. Upgrading the tier

You will be able to upgrade your tier on the backer portal. We will provide you with all the details when the portal launches.

  1. Backer poll for one out of three races

We plan to launch the poll in the second half of April. It will be accompanied by fun little activities, but if you don’t want to participate in community activities - you can just click the button and your vote will go to your favorite candidate.

  1. Streaming of alpha and alpha test

Alpha test will launch in the second part of April. The exact date will be announced shortly - stay tuned. First we have to launch a backer portal where you can access the alpha by selecting the appropriate add-on. Alpha test will be just that - an alpha test. You will experience the game first-hand, see some of the new mechanics, new classes, play through the first chapters, see some bugs and a lot of placeholders. We will create a separate, closed, forum for discussion of Alpha Test, so we can gather feedback, watch and participate in your discussions.

We won’t allow streaming of alpha, because we don’t want to show a half baked product. There are a lot of placeholders, mechanics in work and, overall, unfinished stuff. We understand that you like to see it as soon as possible - and we will definitely show you the most finished parts on our streams - but we don’t want the alpha version to shape your impression of our game. We ask you to understand why we want to wait some time before showing you more of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

  1. New archetypes and classes

We saw a lot of discussions about possible archetypes. Anyone would like to learn more about them. And we decided that we can share some of the Arcanist’s archetypes :wink: But details about them will be later. In our game you will see Brown-Fur Transmuter, Eldritch Font, Elemental Master, School Savant and Unlettered Arcanist.

  1. Health of the team and development of the game

It is really nice to see that you worry about us. The team is healthy and we are all working remotely. The development of the game continues, the alpha test is going to be released according to plan and the backer portal is on the way!

We also want to wish you, your friends and relatives good health!


Great! Can’t wait to find out more!

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Sounds great…stay healthy!

Excellent news! thank you for the update.

Peculiar that in the update there was no mention of romantic discussion that has taken place here, and what their thoughts are on this matter.

It would be nice to see some “mix and match” archetypes, to increase the number of fun builds:
for example the “Blade Adept” Archetypes for the Arcanist would shine a lot (and would mix pretty well with PrC like Eldrich Knight)

Wasn’t that mostly sorted out already? It’s Daeran and Camellia from the stretch goals, Arueshalae, Sosiel/Lann and whoever the last two companions are.

Heya Mortheim, the user @imperator_general was wondering wether the Backer Portal would also enable him to get a Collector’s Edition for WotR still, or if those were indeed exclusive to the Kickstarter?

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Don’t forget the Queen!
Queenie be up for some gooood lovin’!

Can’t wait to see Alpha!

Thanks for the update! I do hope that all of you (community members as well) will be good and safe in the upcoming weeks.

Can’t wait for more companion spotlights. Gotta know them good before deciding on my mvp party. :3

Yes, but I didn’t have received the Squire Badge and I can’t vote for my favourite. I could like very much to do it*_*