Feyspeaker thread

Help me build Elven feyspeaker

Why elf? Because of bow access, this should make things easier, right, right?
I was thinking something along this:

str 10
dex 18
con 8 with note that very early I get +2 con explorer belt
int 10 - I really don’t think I need 12 int elf brings and I don’t want to go below int 10
wis 14
cha 16

Today I finished the game with Paladin and it was very easy playthrough. Now I’m looking for playing on Normal mode.

I would go 18 Charisma and 16 Dex. From what I remember of PF rule implementation, you don’t want to skimp on your spell casting stat

^while that is generally true. The difference from 16 -> 18 CHa on elves is 7 points
compared to 16 -> 18 DEX on elves which is only 5. So you would need to lower something else for 2 points.

Arguably if that is worth those +1 saves on your spells.

I went with str 12, dex 16, con 8, int 14, wis 13, cha 17 for my feyspeaker.