Few question about mounted combat

It probably is not intended to work, but the smilodon in mithral full plate looks good.

Agreed, I was just simulating barding since I didn’t have any.

Is mounted combat currently working? I can’t activate abilities with my Cavalier when I’m mounted. Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes, I have the same problem. Mounted combat is still not working correctly. Basic attacks do work fine tho

Not sure what abilities you mean, but my Cavalier uses cleave and challenge just fine on his mount. He can also cast the few spells he gets from hunter on mount. There are times where buffs don’t affect him when mounted. Also I think some heals didn’t work on him mounted. His personal lead blades won’t work while he is mounted either. I just do any buffing unmounted. Also, you can’t really use a reach weapon when mounted or your mount will often not be able to attack because he doesn’t have reach. Finally, I’ve found that when in turn mode and mounted, it sometimes doesn’t show a charge is blocked and allows you to charge. You end up stopping short and have to toggle turn ode off and on to continue.

Uhm aren’t you supposed to use lance on mounts? That got reach doesn’t it?

Sounded like when mounted your weapon range is reset to 2ft. as opposed to 6ft. Otherwise your character might stop at a Reach location while your pet would not be able to attack.

Im wondering how Snap Shot works with mounts. Greater Snap Shot yields a range of 12ft., but does your mount still move towards the enemy, causing you to provoke Attacks of Opportunity ?