Few question about mounted combat

Then you fight mounted at first all damage is taken by mount and only his AC and saves taken?
If shoot from bow while mounted do you get opportunity attacks against you?
And how does boarding gear work here and what it do?
Is it bug that you can equip standard armor and learn crane style on companions.

If you use a bow you don’t get attacks of opportunity. If you pick up the feat that allows you to do so, it will work against mobs standing right next to you.
There is no boarding gear :slight_smile: Barding is just a form of pet armor. It costs as many feats for light/medium/heavy barding as armor, so it is way better to train armor feats, of which there are many, while I found only two pieces of barding in 4 chapters.
Your companions can learn any feats you can and equip any armor allowed to them. If you mean the party pets, the answer is yes, if you take the feats.
Nobody knows, if that is the final state of affairs, or if the armor proficiency for pets will be gone at release and it has to be barding.

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Yes, they will still get AoOs against you, so riding as an archer isn’t that good of an idea unless you have Point Blank Master feat.
On your pets you can either learn the feats for barding or for armor … armor is wayyy better but i assume it’s a bug that you can still take them.
If your pet has more than 2 int, it can learn quite a lot of the feats of the normal charas.

And then you are mounted can you take damage or pet take damage first?
Or if its area damage everyone takes it? Because after few fights it seems to me that after you mount just get 200+ temp hp who cat bite back and can have up to 70ac without stress and also save space then in tight places (Was testing on normal difficulty)

I have a few questions about mounted combat too.
I cannot play at the moment, but I still want to understand whats the point of mounted combat in the first place.

Lets say you are a lv11 Cavalier with a melee weapon (3 attacks) on a horse (3 attacks) and you fight an enemy in melee.

  • Do you get 6 attacks when you select attack? (mount + char)
  • When you are attacked, which AC/saves are used and who takes damage? (mount, char or both)

So far I only used animal companions only as meat shield for my chars. With some buffs they can have good AC, deal some damage and maybe even trip enemies with auto attacks.
In the real world people used horses because a horse can run faster than a soldier with weapon and armor. In the game fast chars (barbarian, bloodrager, monk, maybe others) move as fast as an animal, maybe even faster. And then we have the haste spell so you should never have problems to get close to the enemy or stay away from them, depending on what you want.

So what is the big selling point of mounted combat in this game?

Mounted Combat, how it is implemented right now, has mainly the benefits of faster movement for the melee character, and less clutter (since a lot of places in Wrath have narrow hallways), i know of no additional benefits besides the Mounted Combat feats (but they seem not implemented yet, and honestly most of them seem just terrible in realtime. One of the feats gives you higher damage on Charges, that might be good for a Mounted Charge turnbased build)
I’m not sure who gets the hits, possibly the chara with the less AC? It wasn’t obvious for me in Beta 1/2

I’m normally the one asking the questions but this is a good time to give back. I have a level 6 character so I respeced to a halfling cavalier beast rider and this is what I noticed:

  1. entering area you are removed from mount
  2. I couldn’t mount up right away, no idea why.
  3. killed a couple minor enemies and was able to mount.
  4. you now have one icon on the initiative bar, your hero.
  5. when I attack I get:
    smilodon attacks with bite
    Hero attacks with unarmed strike (removed weapon so minor enemy didn’t die)
    Enemy gets attack of opportunity (because unarmed strike)
    Smilodon attacks claw
    Hero attacks with unarmed strike
    smilodon attacks claw
    smilodon attacks claw
    smilodon attacks claw
    Round ends and enemy attacks
  6. When I take damage on the smilodon it ONLY goes to the cat until the cat is down.
  7. Test was done with only melee enemies, so can’t comment on spells and ranged.
  8. When cat goes down hero is prone, like being tripped and have to take round standing up.
  9. Opportunity attack against cat (when I move him away form melee) goes against cat.
  10. Opportunity attacks against the hero ( retaliatory for the unarmed attacks) did not damage the cat but instead damaged the hero. This suggests to me that perhaps AoE spells might hurt both cat and hero as they are clearly seen as different entities when mounted.
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Thank you, that was interesting.

So one possibility could be that you make your char go full offense while the animal has a good defense.
When you try to maximize the defense of your char you will be better than the animal (a level of monk, several self only buffs, archmage armor, . . . ) but if you only fucus on your offense the animal might have a better defense.

some thoughts:

  • Is there a class with sneak attacks that gets a mount? If you ride your animal then two chars attack the same target. I am not sure if a mounted melee char causes flanking.
  • The animal needs to be larger than you. So you should not be able to ride if you cast enlarge person on you, but maybe it works if you cast legendary proportions on you and the animal.
  • I think increased weapon reach is out of reach, unless your animal has increased reach too.
    Its not in the game, but I just had a vision about an enlarged glaive warrior riding on an enlarged beast with long tentacles and both attack enemies from the distance.)
  • Regarding pounce, does the animal need it, the char or both?
    I imagine a barbarian on a smilodon, with many attacks, leading strike and stuff that improves charge damage.

I bet it goes like this when you are mounted: if the mount has pounce it gets to do all it’s attacks and the rider one, since it was the mount who charged, and you share your actions when mounted.

During play I noted that it is often impossible to charge because the way to the target was either not exactly straight, or someone was already standing there (like the charging bloodrager). It sometimes worked when the fighter charged and the bloodrager with his reach weapon went second. That was in turn-based mode of course. So don’t count on being able to charge always and anywhere.

They’re going to have to change it if the animal is the only one that takes damage until it drops. Thats way to easy to exploit.

That’s basically how it works in PnP though. You can take a skill check to assign damage to your mount at will.

Damn. That seems kind of o.p. I’m going to have to create a mounted class now.

Do paladins get to chose their mount because right now they just get smilodon.

Paladins should get a horse. Maybe a pony or something similar if they are small.
It is very strange that they get a smilodon.

From the PnP rules:
" The second type of bond allows a paladin to gain the service of an unusually intelligent, strong, and loyal steed to serve her in her crusade against evil. This mount is usually a heavy horse (for a Medium paladin) or a pony (for a Small paladin), although more exotic mounts, such as a boar, camel, or dog are also suitable. This mount functions as a druid’s animal companion, using the paladin’s level as her effective druid level. Bonded mounts have an Intelligence of at least 6."

OK, they can ignore int 6, but the rest should be as written above.

It says say that exotic mounts are permissible. I’m guessing they chose Smilodon because it was the most popular animal companion in Kingmaker and since this is beta, they knew they didn’t want to add the mount mechanic for every type of animal.

I’m just wondering if all animals will be available to ride for Paladins at launch.

I hope so, because now I’m trying to decide between a Dwarf on a Mastodon or a Gnome on a Leopard. Paladin is the class though because I want the saves and auras.

I actually did encounter some Barding armor, or armor that was rightfully named ‘barding’ with the title/type.

Let me see the hands, people! Who is for horse and who prefers a smilodon? And thus no horses were implemented :slight_smile:
I would like to see some different mounts, but I also believe that 99% of the players will pick the smilodon (or another large cat) for pounce.

I am so for seeing a Stonelord dwarf “mounting” their earth elemental. It would be such a glorious sight to behold! :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, Paladin isn’t the only class that suffers from a meagre mount selection. Arcane Rider, Bloodrider and Sohei as well would really profit from having non-smilodon and/or non-horse options. Especially those on the small end.

More info for those interested, as of 6/11/21

  1. Taking an armor feat allows you to put armor on your mount. There is also a barding armor feat for pets so in the future the other armor feat options may be removed. I haven’t found any barding items so i can’t try it. Once armored, it shows up on most pets and is awesome looking.

  2. pets (assuming all the same in this regard) can equip ONLY belt, bracer, cloak, armor (with feat). I do not know about boots as I’ve not found any to try.

  3. Pet feat devotion (+4 to will save) at level 6 is not working, or working but not showing up on the character sheet.

  4. All pets below have dodge feat, you may find a give and take of +1 ac or +1 attack in rare cases. I chose the best stat upgrade for level 7, not future levels or with lots of short buffs. Pets have a lot of odd numbered stats. Finally, all pets are in an unfinished state.

  5. I picked dex, strength or constitution upgrades for the pets below BUT I suggest everyone actually take +1 to intelligence. Pets all have a 2 for intelligence, teamwork feats require a 3. Thus, every pet needs intel 3. I would like it if the dog, horse, and velociraptor started at 3 intelligence.

Level 7 mastadon
Naked: 27ac
Full plate (No ac lost from dex): 35ac
Plate plus Barkskin +3 : 38ac
Saves: 8/7/3
Attack: +12
Special: has clickable trample attack

Level 7 triceratops
Naked: 29ac
Full plate (no ac lost from dex): 38ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 41ac
Saves: 10/6/3
Attack: +13
Special: Most hps at 87 but slowest
Note: Very unfinished and MUCH to large, but then pretty much every grown animal is overly large and makes your hero look tiny on them.

Level 7 Elk
Naked: 28ac
Mage armor: 32ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 35ac
Saves: 9/9/4
Attack: +11

Level 7 Bear
Naked: 28ac
Chainmail: 34ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 37ac
Saves: 8/7/3
Attack: +11

Level 7 boar (level up str)
Naked: 28ac
Full plate (no ac loss from dex): 37ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 40ac
Saves: 9/6/3
Attack: +11

Level 7 Horse
Naked: 23ac
Breastplate (no ac loss from dex): 29ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 32ac
Saves: 8/8/3
Attack: +10
Special: Low light vision and scent. This is the only animal with a special note on creation and it doesn’t seem to fit with a horse, unless the “scent” refers to the horse smelling good to eat.
Note: Horse is rideable at level 1, like all the pets, he’s to damn big.

Level 7 Velociraptor
Naked: 26ac
Mage armor: 30ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 33ac
Saves: 9/9/3
Attack: +9
Special: This guy starts small and then goes to medium at 7. Human sized can’t ride them.
Note: unfinished, WAY to big when grown too medium.

Level 7 Smilodon
Naked: 26ac
Chain shirt/Mage armor: 30ac
plus Barkskin +3 : 33ac
Saves: 8/9/4
Attack: +11

Edit: Found some barding sold by the skeleton.
Chainmail barding +2 (8ac/2dex)
Leather barding +2 (4ac/6dex)

i strongly believe the ability to put “real” armor on the pets is a bug, thats what the barding is for.

I would love to see a Stonelord Dwarf racial archetype. As far as I know the dwarven archetype hasn’t been announced yet.

Hopefully thats in the game. An earthbreaker wielding dwarf mounted on an earth elemental is exactly what I want.