Feature request: upload your own portraits

Im not in alpha. I’m not sure if this feature is in or not. I find myself having trouble making my own portraits.

There’s a 3rd party website for pathfinder kingmaker portrait maker. But that website has bugs. Also the portrait resized are stretched and not in correct aspect ratio.

Will it be too difficult for owlcat to make an in-game portrait maker/resized please?

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No, such a thing is not in the Alpha. I don’t think Owlcat will ever do something like that to be honest. As the same can easily be achieved with GIMP, or any other image editor.

I don’t know if it would be difficult, but I suspect they have so much work to do on core aspects of the game and on promised stretchgoals that a thing like that is really low priority unfortunately.

Yeah, the problem is that the different sizes for the game are not proportionnal ot each other, so a simple resizing does not make the trick. You have to select a part of the portrait to do it. I do it with simple mspaint or Irfanview myself, but it’s not really handy to get the exact size.

Paint(dot)net is my favorite for this. Basically paint + layers + basic adjustments