Feat tree when level up

The list sistem in Pathfinder for chose a feat is tedius.
If I want find feats that depend of other feat I need read all list and note all in a paper.
This is easy to solve.
In other D&D games, the feats are group in a tree.
For example, if “improved rapid shoot” need to can learn “rapid shoot”, this feat is tabed.
This is better than a simple alphabetic list.


I agree. It also helps to understand which feats you will unlock by selecting an early feat. For example, Power Attack is selectable very early, but it is helpful to know which feats at higher levels you may be eligible to select later.

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I agree too, in Kingmaker you add to open the none accessible feats down the list and see what was there and what was interesting for you.

In my case (which doesn’t have to be every one case of course ) when I create a character I like to plan ahead to make it fun , efficient but also unusual ( chararter creation is so much fun :heart_eyes:) and feats are so important in that perspective. Getting a feat tree would help a lot to do no mistakes and have a visually better overview of possibilities making the game even better imo.

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