FAQ: How to import the DLC “Varnhold’s Lot” progress to the main game

Many of you have been asking, how does the progress import from the DLC to the main game work. We gathered the most popular questions and made this note for you!

Q: Do I have to start a new game before I try the DLC? Would it affect my story if I’ve already gone through a big part of the game?
A: You don’t have to start a new game. You can apply your DLC results to any save file (or even to all of them if you want to). To see more story and get some better loot, we recommend you to play “Varnhold’s lot” before the chapter 3 “Varnhold Vanishing”, but at later stages, you would also get some new content.

Q: How to import my DLC progress to the main game?
A: Once you’ve finished the DLC at least once, the game remembers this fact. From now on, when you are playing the main campaign, a window will pop up once you’ve reached a certain point in the story and ask you to choose which DLC result you’d like to import (in case you’ve completed the DLC 18 times, for example).
Once you choose a result to import or decline to import, the decision is PERMANENT for this save file and all later ones that “stem” from this one. If you load an earlier save file, the game will prompt you to choose again. You can import the same DLC result onto as many main campaigns as you’d like (of course, most of you have at least 29 concurrent playthroughs, I assume).

Q: Which save should I use to import from the main game to the DLC?
A: It does not really matter, it would affect only the visual appearance of your baron from the main game during the first cutscene.

Q: When i create a character for this DLC, after I completed one, I get to create another, but without being able to see the character model. What is going on?
A: You start the DLC with a level 5 character. So, firstly, you should create your character as usual, and then you just need to level-up his or her.

Q: Could my progress be lost somehow, if I complete the DLC before I get to the “Varnhold Vanished” chapter in the main game?
A: No, no information would be lost.

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Is it possible to play the dlc as a part of the main campaign instead?