Fan Art

…he looks to the right?

Well, he’d better look both ways before crossing the street!
Love the pic, though.

well he looked looked both ways before crossing the street

looked both ‘handsome’ and ‘radiant’, too bad he got hit by that car

thanks!!:smiley: you know since i dont use twitter much you can share the ones you like freely there

Because he never does anything right? (Harrim for Life!)

Looking to get some Exalted characters commissioned for an upcoming game. Anyone know of any good anime-style artists that do commissions on Deviantart?

well hold me sideways and call me a fool! i got myself invested in the Regongar\Octavia\MainCharacter ship

ah well a lil bit of romantic stargazing wont hurt this gameplay and mechanics focused forum:^Ъ

You’re way too good at this :o

So sweet! ^___^

Octavia: “And that little light is Triaxus, we’ll be going there when we get to play the Reign of Winter campaign…”

Is Jubilost hiding under the blanket? O_0

Sure. With Nok-Nok. XD

crosses fingers that nok nok is stabbing jubilost in the kidneys

is that what kids call it these days?:smiley:

Are you happy to see me or is that a shiv in my kidney? D:

non-nok doesn’t understand
why it cant be both?

doin some expressions with regongar

With regard to that one true Threesome pic… will we get to give our characters Freckles?

I second this question! But even if not either headcanoning or modding are always options

Uuuuuh… you mean on the portrait, right? I don’t think the 3d models will be that detailed. I can pass on the request for freckles. :3

Everybody loves freckles. They are extremely cute!