Fan Art

Hello, everyone! I suppose fan art goes here so here’s three little sketches I did of Regongar, Octavia and Valerie.

Cant wait for more characters to be revealed!:smiley:

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Hey Riessene!
Cool sketches.

If i could draw…

Amiri and Nok-Nok are sitting at a table during a romantic dinner. Nearby is the sword of Amiri. Blood drains from sword. And on the floor in a pool of blood lies the severed hand of Jubilost!

my english is terrible. I know it)

Hehe why did the poor Jubilost had to suffer! Also both Amiri and Nok-Nok strike me as more of a blanket on the grass types rather that table sitters.

И спасибо за похвалу, товарищ :wink:

Very nice drawings! Do you plan to draw other characters?

Wow! Those are really awesome, Riessene! Thanks for sharing!


Where is a new drawings?


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Ahahah, fun times with the clerics.

Really nice sketch!

Yeah, I love it! :smiley: Hey, may I share this on our Twitter account?

Riessene has done many fun sketches on the discord channel. Including Reongar dancing to heavy metal.

lemme post it on twitter then. i will tag you

m’love linzi
having a good day in a field

very slow:( i became on year older
i have a new idea for you Rie!
1 hour=1 sketch

As soon as I learn new endearing fact about the characters I do the art. So its not my fault its been so long;D

Maybe showering me with compliments could make it a quicker process;)

my english is very bad… but
ok, compliments that i know

-Washington is the capital of the United States of America
-u have cool (.)(.)
-god save the queen
-what are you doing tonight?

i hope this helps! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I meant compliments TO THE ART you absolute madman!!xD

but since im already working on something

Octavia and Regongar doing a Friendly Sparring

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dont relax

little sketch of tris
the prettiest cleric in stolen lands (sorry harrim)

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Why is he looking to the left?