Fail: Double Blade Sword build

I’d like to play this character

Problem is I can’t find a doubled bladed sword in the game and just discovered through forums that it;s not a viable weapon because of the -2 and -4 on the attacks.

Is there any work in progress that would allow building this character type. Monk with Double bladed sword.
Any help would be awesome.

Not for the Monk at least. Two-Bladed sword don’t count as a “monk weapons” for the purpose of Flurry of Blows, Ki and other class abilities.

Fighter or Ranger builds can excel in double weapons however. Feats like Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Double Slice and Greater Two-Weapon Fighting will be of interest for such a build.

As for magical two-bladed swords: the Enhanced Edition update included some. AFAIK you can buy them with an Enchantment of up to +4.

Best one is drop from second to last Bald Hilltop fight.

It’s… agile, which is an interesting feature on a weapon which cannot be finessed.

Yes, I came across that weapon. I didn’t run with that character in the end, but maybe next time.