Extract Vocal Lines?

I am planning to run the 2nd edition version of Kingmaker for my players when it comes out in November, and as part of that I’m putting together a little animated trailer to make the announcement.

Since it’s just a small thing for my friends, I thought it would cool to use some of the dialog from the game to provide a “voice over” for the trailer - specifically some of the lines spoken by the “spirit of the woods” in the first chapter.

Would there be an easy way to extract her dialog from the game or otherwise record it in a format suitable to my purposes?

Again, this is just a small personal project, I obviously don’t plan to use it for anything public. :slight_smile:

This is an amazing idea. Hopefully one of the modders in the community can give you some guidance. In the mean time; I haven’t tried this, but it looks like a guide on how to extract (and then replace) clips from the game files. Many creature and location sound sets are well labeled, but you might have to dig around to find other stuff.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you find some good clips to support other DMs in their games.

Thank you! This looks like exactly what I need.

:sweat: I tried to run through that, but the link to the soundbankeditor is broken. At least you have the location of the files, so hopefully there are other tutorials on extracting them.

If all else fails, the OST is available to add ambiance to your game.