Expand bloodline choices for Sorcerers

Bloodline selection for sorcerers is severely lacking. I hoped that it would be expanded in WotR but with the release date so close I fear that this element will be neglected.

Among 50 available bloodlines from Paizo and around 70 more from other publishers we only have a pitiful choice of 9 in WotR same as in Kingmaker. Yes, I count Dragon/Elemental types as just 2 bloodlines. It is clear that type selection for them was displayed in the bloodline list to bloat it so it appeared larger.

Obviously, not all of the bloodlines from source material would work well with the game and implementing even half of them would take an absurd amount of time. But I think that expanding selection by at least 5 more bloodlines is reasonable.

Would be good to see any of those.

From Paizo:
Aberrant Bloodline
Shadow Bloodline - gets a capstone ability that makes shadows 20% more real. Perfect for stacking with Powerful Shadows mythic feat for another 20% and an ultimate shadow build.
Pestilence Bloodline
Destined Bloodline
Solar Bloodline
Protean Bloodline
Phoenix Sorcerer Bloodline
Unicorn Sorcerer Bloodline
Orc Bloodline - gets an inherent bonus to STR identical to abyssal bloodline. Since we can have two bloodlines with mythic feat another 6 cannot hurt. But Minotaur bloodline below is much more powerful.

And from Publishers:
Frost Bloodline
Aboleth Bloodline - personal favorite. Extremely rare inherent +6 bonus to INT. Perfect for INT-based Legendary path characters who can dual classes.
Minotaur Bloodline - inherent +6 STR bonus and permanent size increase as a capstone.
Faerie Dragon Bloodline
Kitsune Bloodline
Vampiric Bloodline
Mana/Vril Bloodlines
Exiled Bloodline
Realms Beyond Bloodline

Get a ticket and wait in line :slight_smile:

Everyone has his favorite class(es) and wants more archetypes or class options. But I believe that classes are pretty much done, except for ironing out the remaining bugs.

Pestilence and Scorpion would be really sweet for arcane Swarm-that-Walk builds. Aberrant as well, considering a lump of insects is an abomination in its own right. As for non-Paizo ones… it’s pretty much guaranteed that we won’t be seeing stuff made by third parties. On the other hand, Owlcat did create their own Bloodrager Bloodline (Serpentine). So It’s not impossible that they may also do one or two for Sorcerers as well.

Impossible bloodline for Aeon sorcerer build!

I doubt we’ll see any additional Sorcerer bloodlines UNLESS they open up a new gameplay niche, and given the limits of spells in game I suspect that means we won’t see many more official bloodlines.

…except in mods. I can’t wait for the mods.

That’s what the forums are for, doubt Owlcat reads suggestions anyway tbh.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly, wanted to include scorp too. These bloodlines would fit swarm RP so well.

I am sure they read the forums. But they have a deadline and a lot of bugs to iron out. Given that it is june by now I think the game must be feature complete, and you don’t put in new stuff 5 minutes to 12.

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I sure took my time posting this, wanted to do it for half a year at least. But I can see now that others requested such things in the past already.