Eternal Black Screen

PS4 – Inside throne room during first emissary from Pitax Visit.

After choosing any of the alignment questions the emissary marches out and the black loading screen comes up. It locks and never loads. I had this issue on my previous save game, and loaded back to the end of ACT 1 stag lord battle. Replayed back to this point after the trolls are found. And boom, it did it again. I started over with a new chracter new class, and replayed all through act 1 and up to the same point in ACT 2. And it does the same thing. You can find my streams on youtube or in the playzone.

How can I get past this point, ignoring the emissary leads to kingdom being destroyed.


We’ll investigate this behaviour. Thanks for reporting it!

Same issue here, for me it is the Oleg double tax dilema. After resolving the issue my screen goes to black, background music keeps playing. Should I just wait a month before playing this game? I really enjoy when it works

Is this issue fixed in the upcoming patch? Because I can’t play the game because of this bug. Kingdom goes to crap very fast because of being unable to enter my throne room without this scene causing a permanent plack screen.