ETA on arrival of Patch?

So I remember reading about 4-5 days ago they put a second patch into submission with the guys at Microsoft and Sony, any ETA on when it’ll actually hit console, and what it aims to fix/patch?

comon man you really believed that on that day i said it was a lie. i am 42 years old think about how many games i have played and some were just like this and they fixed it in 2 or 3 days i have never seen something like this owlcat games blames sony and microsoft but these companies will never stop or delay your ready patch. forget about this game and your money they digitally robbed you i am sorry for u and myself.

Microsoft absolutely delays patches. Educate yourself before running your mouth.


I figure they have to quality control and make sure it doesn’t introduce bugs into the core Microsoft/Sony systems, I just hope they test fast.

man you should be the one to educate himself ofc they can delay but only the patch is broken like the game itself so the conclusion is simple owlcat games says we have a rdy patch and it is not rdy thats what im trying to tell microsoft and sony never delays or stops patches that are ready the patch is also broken which they say it is rdy… YOU GOT IT NOW ???CAN YOU UNDERSTAND??? its a lie you can wait they are going to force the broken patch soon and i will see you in here next 2 weeks complaining about bugs

I think they are trying to fix it, they want to build a good name for themselves they won’t want to lose credibility in the lead up to wrath of the righteous, plus ports are notorious for bugs, pillars was the same, but after some patches it became the amazing game it truly was.

Lol. And you know this how? Facts please. Source? Or is this your angry opinion? This is Cohn’s greatest rpg of all time. Mine as well. Your loss. I assume you are going to take your anger and leave yes? Why stick around when these EVIL developers are up to no good. You need to grow up friend.

omg what an idiot wtf you are talking about nobody telling anything about the game we are talking about how broken it is and how sad we are because we are unable to play a great game like this just stfu do your homework. and check first patch of anthem and how sony canceled the patch release you have much to learn son . but first learn to understand what you are reading. bye ignorant

Angry much? Do you need a hug?

I feel like the real frustration and confusion sets in when you see a game released after this one with the same partner company (Deep silver), already several patches in.
Taking our frustrations out on each other is not healthy or productive, and is likely to get your voice ignored and dismissed. Calling names, personal attacks, and such will just get arguments ignored and post shut down. All of our thoughts and feelings about this are valid, and have a right to be heard.
CPRPGs have a horrible habit of porting badly to consoles. Even ones that had been out for a long time on PC.
I am not going to tell you or anyone to be patient, to or not to seek a refund, or not to be upset. We each as a consumer have to decide what works best for us. Some of us, yes i speak of myself in this, can’t get a refund sand have no choice but to wait. So our choice is patients or venting or both.
So act like adults, be kind to each other and work with each other not against each other. Hopefully the patch that fixes the game breaking bugs will release soon.

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Just let it go fan boys are fan boys and will defend crappy companies because they feel they have some stake in it, they’re trouble sheep that except crap and beg for more.

Why are you on the forum if you think this company is so crappy, if you don’t want to play the game then don’t, stop trying to convince other people that we shouldn’t play the game either. I’m happy waiting for a patch.

Look I just want to know I rough estimate time frame and a bugfix list just so I go in with realistic expectations, I love the game, I’m not going to sugar-coat it and say it’s the best but it’s definitely got the ambition that I feel most studios lack.


Unfortunately, after submitting patches their release is totally out of our control. They are running their tests and check if the patch matches their requirements.
Those new patches have some important fixes (they should fix the issue with saves), so it might take some time to get them live. I will try to post the upcoming changes asap - patch-notes are in the work atm.

Cheers for the update! I can’t wait to see the notes to see if it fixes the issues I’ve come across, i.e. the Varnhold’s lot flower cutscene bug.

I don’t think owlcat are a crappy company, on the contrary their work is amazing, but surely this game should not have been released in this state?
A lot of people are saying be patient and give them time but why could this game not have been up to standard BEFORE releasing it?
I can accept a few bugs here and there but to have three playthroughs ruined by game ending bugs really is pushing the limits of my patience


Here they are: Upcoming Console Patch Notes!


We are already discussing this internally and are looking for the ways to improve our testing capabilities in the future.

That is genuinely great to hear, but it doesn’t help us who have already bought the game sadly
I can’t believe I’ve wasted 40 plus hours, am tempted to start again but I know it’s just going to mess up

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Yes, I understand. We are terribly sorry that this happened. We are fixing most egregious issues asap.