Error with Steam Key

Just got my steam key for Kingmaker (from Wrath baker portal) but when I try to insert a new game in my steam accout it says that i have to activate before the original game… why?

Am i doing something worng?

ty for answers

That’s the error message when you try to activate DLC keys without having the main game on your account.
Double check that you are using the main game key, should there be multiple keys.

I have only one key right of this title:
Pathfinder: Kingmaker (PF:KM Digital Download, Special In-game Item, Digital Art Book, Digital OST)

Hm, that sounds like DLC… maybe internally your account had the wrong type of key assigned.
Maybe @Mortheim can weigh in here?

Hello I’am also having the same problem and was curious if you have gotten any feedback.

Having the same problem as well.

I have an error with this as well. Steam won’t let me enter the key

Same error for me. I just got one key on the downloads page of the kickstarter page and gave me the same error message

Wooden Dragon answared me on Kickstarter portal:
“It is actually a key to your extras. The key for the game itself should appear in your personal account a bit later.”

I think we have to wait to play Kingmaker :wink:

OOOOH, thanks for the info.

Thanks! I’ll wait them

Thanks for the information I was wondering why it didn’t work also.

Anybody know how long does it take?

Well I just woke up and when I checked I had a new “Get Key” button under the first code on the backer portal. Clicking that gave me the base game key. So check the portal, yours might have appeared too.

Second key arrived and correct!

I also had a second “Get Key” option that worked for the base game that wasn’t there before!