Error in tips -- dealing with swarms

Got a pop up telling me that swarms can only be hit by indirect damage and that I should try Seela’s channel: harm undead ability.

This surprised me – are swarms undead? – but I did it to test it. Only to find that it was useless against swarms.

The sole undead swarm I can think of is The Other from Dearan’s quests. Afaik all other swarm enemies are either animals (rats) or vermin (spiders, fleas, vescavors). Both kinds being very much alive.

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This was in Kenabres with the first rat swarm. Something is wrong with the pop up description.

Should make a separate subject for this but:

the description of what happens when you touch a holy relic could be improved. It took me a while to figure out that the abyss was retreating from the party I assumed it was like a “reinvigorate the land” option that was cleaning up befouled places, something more quest like and not a party buff.