Enemies should trigger traps

Frustrating/unfun to see enemies blissfully walk over or stand on trap triggers. Less of a problem when turn based combat is introduced. I get that Owlcat is trying to add a challenge to encounters, but this setup is over used for me.

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Most traps are of magic origin and cast spells at your characters which means it makes sense the enemy does not trigger them. However, traps that trigger non-foe AoE spells should damage and affect enemies as much as your characters if they are inside the spells AoE.

Physical traps should also not be triggered by enemies because they were the ones that set them and thus know how to not accidentaly trigger them.

The only traps that should be triggered by enemies are those were an enemy is fleeing from you towards a for him unknown territory that has traps set by neither party involved which is likely rare to the extreme and doesnt happen.

Gotta say confused and panicked enemies should trigger their own traps every single time.


Good idea ! Would be doable if confused characters are moved to a 3rd party which is enemy to everyone including its own members so triggers any effects including traps.