Ecclesitheurge Cleric

so I know the ecclesitheurge looses their armor proficiency, and if they wear any they cant cast spells in the tabletop version. I don’t see that written anywhere in the skills and abilities of Tristian, so is that not a thing in Kingmaker, or did they just not write it in? If that is not a thing I wanted to dip him into Fighter to get some more AC and a free feat; if it is then it should really be included in the tooltips somewhere.

bracers of armor is all he ever needs and he shouldn’t ever see combat without the view being blocked by the back of his allies’ heads. I wouldn’t delay his spellcasting for an extra feat, as I can’t think of a combat feat that he would benefit from.

I gave him 3 ranged feats : Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Precise Shot.
( i.e. with crossbows - there are some nice magical ones along the way )

Spell Penetration feats are highly recommended in my opinion around level 9+.

There is also an essential feat for him, but it would be a spoiler … :stuck_out_tongue:

although not mentioned in the actual game ecc’es definitely lose spell casting ability in armour, so any armour feats or class levels to gain armour is a waste. with the feat every 2 levels as opposed to 3 levels dont think clerics really need to worry about an extra feat from a fighter level you might do in 3rd

havnt used tristan at all yet
first thing i do when get to olegs is make a merc eccl cleric, aasimar the one that gives +2 dex/wis, erastil for bow, community and animal for domain. and feat selection on level up is bow progression (point blank, precise, rapid, manyshot etc) except boon companion at 5 ofcourse.
crossbow is also a good choice, especially light but the bows are better (not only stag lords but you get lucky and devourer of metal pretty early too) she may be no ekundayo but shes pretty murderous with a bow

she doesnt even equip bracers of armour as she will never ever achieve any sort of AC thats not a miss on a 1 only, have the bracers of archery on her.

this game is very much about high AC or dont bother so for tristan (i do level him up) i just really concentrate on his domains so feats ill go extra channeling and spell focus evocation and spell penetration so far anything that increases his healing or fire damage

if i was using him i wouldnt bother trying to increase his ac, id confiscate that scimitar from him, get him a crossbow and precise shot asap then concentrate on healing/fire damage feats, probably mostly go extra channelings being he still cant choose his fire domain spells in his standard cleric slots like he should


Thanks for the detailed responce here. I thoight something was off because i have played ecc’es on tabletop and they are very much so more useful. It just feels like he is a wasted character for most of the fight untill i need a heal and even then Amiri, Nok-Nok, or Ekundayo have usually killed the threat before anyone is in real danger.

I am playing through on “tabletop” mode and I was still able to take down the Crag Linnorn at like level 7 thanks to Haste / Prot fire / Pally Tank. Triastian was there but i only took like 60 actual damage the whole fight and my tank absorbed that no problem.

Tristian makes for a pretty good Emphereyal Sorcerer/Mystic Theurge. A lot of boom boom and support to be had there