Drezen aftermath feels like it's missing something

After retaking Drezen, I was a bit surprised when there was just a 10 day time skip, Drezen is almost fully rebuilt and hardly anyone has any conversation options that are different than they had before. I know it’s not long after the celebration of the defense of Kenabres, but I was still expecting some kind of RP event to talk to my companions and major NPCs. Horgus Gwerm was in the war camp, is not in Drezen (or he’s hidden himself well) - while I presume he went back to Kenabres to help establish the supply lines or something (or hide from Camelia, I suppose), actually being told that would have been good. At the council of war before the battle of Drezen, Wenduag rather strongly hinted she wanted to talk to me after the battle, and I was sort of expecting character progressions with the other companions also. Other people may just want to get back to the action (and I do get that in terms of pacing it is perhaps too close to Kenabres), but it seemed to me like an appropriate point to have such an event (and it felt weird being asked about Vhane’s body 10 days after the fact - hopefully they cast gentle repose on it while waiting to bring the subject up).

Wenduag’s companion quest about the mongrelmen army will be triggered after a few days in Chapter 3. I agree with you that it is better to trigger her quest by talking with her after retaking Drezen.