Dress to Kill - Help us design our shirts and hoodies!

Dear Pathfinders,

our research and development team is working day and night to find a cure for nudity. Our best bet is a fine collection of Kingmaker-inspired T-Shirts and Hoodies. Many of you have pledged for them during our Kickstarter campaign and it’s time to decide what they should look like! Want to help us figure this out?

We could go for a classy, minimalistic design, which simply sports the Kingmaker logo. Alternatively, how about some added text, such as “Pathfinder: Kingmaker Backing Team” or “Hail to the Kings”? Or, as some of the owlcats suggested, “I bought beer for the developers!” :wink:

Have you got any more ideas? Opinions? Suggestions? Please let us know, so we can put a fun design on these clothes that you all can enjoy! :heart:

How about a Brady Bunch pose with headshots of all the companions? I’d love to get something in time to wear it to Gencon this year, even if it just had the Owlcat logo on it.

That is such a cool idea! I like it! :smiley:

Yep, that looks pretty good.

Would it have room for other companions if Linzi’s hair is on the shirt?

For the Hoodie I’d really like a black one with the Kingmaker Logo on the breast and a Zipper on the front. Maybe something cool on the back?

For the Shirt, can we get The Jabberwock on the front of it climbing up behind the Kingmaker logo with its claws grasping it, its wings spread, and its eyes looking out at the person looking at the shirt?

Something with “Hail to the Kings” would be pretty rad too. Maybe as back text?

I think it would be cute to have an owlkitten playing with dice… or a dice bag scattering dice around the lower half of the shirt/hoody, and a metal charm on a dice bag string with the Pathfinder Kingmaker logo or something~ :slight_smile:


For the hoodie, minimalist is always nice, like N7 stuff. Just the Kingmaker logo you already have over the breast as a couple people have mentioned

For the shirt;
On the back: “BACKER TEAM”

On the front:
Foreground: In the centre; a table with a map of the stolen lands from the trailer with the metal minis on it (0:35 minus the hexes). Around the table, all of the bolder companions in debate (moving pieces, pointing at the map, crossed arms with a wolfish grin, etc.) all generally looking ready for a fight

Background: A simple throne which is either empty (with maybe a crown sitting on the throne), or with a shrouded figure in it (as non-menacing as possible). Around it, the rest of the companions doing what they do (sharpening weapons, writing down the plans, examining an artifact, healing someone’s wounds, etc.) again, general fight preparation.

At the top of the scene: “Pathfinder Kingmaker” Logo in the centre above the throne.

Is anything happening with this?

will there be a store available for us who didn’t pledge for clothes?

Not sure if the 110$ pledge gets me some nice goodies, I actually blacked out when I saw ‘‘access to beta’’ and threw everything else in the garbage

You can add clothes as an add-on if your pledge isn’t finalized yet. If it is? I don’t know what to say, but It seems extremely unlikely that the “Backers only” Hoodies and Shirts would go on sale generally. Maybe email Team@owlcatgames.com? They may be able to help you?

Front: Hail to the Kings!
Back: Kingmaker Logo

Or vice versa… either or :smiley:

couldnt find clothes as an add-on, I sent an email to team@owlcatgames.com to ask if there is any possibilities. I think berserkerkitten will be the one to see the e-mail xD


Physical pre-orders and add-ons have been removed, because we’re producing them now and can’t accept anymore physical orders if we want to release them on time.

Folks with physical Kickstarter pledges who have yet to complete their transfers can still select the shirts and hoodies. But that’s about it.

Hail to the Kings is really awesome… Unfortunately, I think people would think it was a reference to Ash and Evil Dead franchise… The Brady Bunch idea is way cool on the totem poll!

Will there be any made for purchase later on? I was unable to fund more for the kickstarter. I ran out of money getting the $110 tier, but I really love this game and have faith in it, so would like to show it when I walk around the neighborhood!

How about a concert style t-shirt design. Some graphic on the front, maybe the load screen… Then on the back the set list could be replaced by the developers and fictional song title that could totally relate to a nickname of theirs of have something to do with how they contributed to the project.

yes it is exactly the same which you are talking about!

“I bought Pathfinder Kingmaker console and all I got was this lousy tshirt.”

i got some good quality of dress shirts from