Drastic alignment changes

We already know it from films, dramatic events which change a character just not slightly, but completly, turning a good person evil, a lawful chaotic or vice versa. I only saw “slight” changes, depending on choices you do, but not event which completly puts into another alignment at once.
This could also help with companions, if you are not happy with their alignment. We also know from films, where a lawful evil plots against a good person to change him completly (star wars for example), pushing to a complete other alignment with just a few events.

The thing you suggest was always there for companions but not for the main character. I always found it weird that you could do absolutly horrible things like killing inocent people in kingmaker without losing your good allignment. It just pushed you slightly to the evil direction. Gooing from lawful good to chaotic evil would take like more than ten diferent mass murders. It would take multiple chapters of doing only evil descisions to change your allignment.

On the other hand easy alignment changes based on single events would also be unimersive. Changing between good and evil multiple times based on single descisons or quests would feel weird. There are just too many major alignment based descisions for it to work with your main character. Works good with the companion quests for them though. Overal l dont think they should change it too much

My request was not to make major changes on whatever you decide, but to give at least 1 event for main character and companions to completly change. As far as I know the ratio between good and evil companions was most often with much more good aligned companions, which is sad if you play an evil character. If you have at least 1 event for companions you can change them, you could still get your favorite companion without making it dependend to your own alignment.

Example from Kingmaker: I really liked Linzi, but I played evil character. I would not expect Linzi would get evil, but at least neutral alignment, where she doesn’t care too much about evil actions anymore.

Btw. Same goes for evil characters. I really liked Viconia from Baldurs Gate 2, but I had issues, because back then I played good character.

That seems realy dificult to write so it still makes sense with the story, the interaction between companions, the companion quests etc. The writing would need to consider every allignment combination in the group. I feel like it would make the companions overall more shallow. The overall necissary writing for the companions would atleast double

You could reddem some of the evil companions in kingmaker during there quests to make them good but that took place over the whole game. You didnt make them change before the game was almost over

For the ratio between good and evil I think its fine. There are enough neutral characters which dont care if your good or evil to build diferent partys for both sides

Tbh it makes most sense to me if most companions are rather neutral. I think the idea of having all good party comes from old times, where people all think of themselves as shining paladins which had to rescue a princess in quests and not do anything bad. After all most are something in between, where they think of profit, themselves, but do not really like torture or kill others without good reason.
Its not only about the alignment of companions or to keep them in party, its also a very good story and I like the idea of a good/evil manipulator, who changes someone.