Dragon Mythic Path needs to be redone

The dragon mythic path feels very tacked on in the last minute (which probably is what happened), both lacking in mechanics and story.

  1. Unlocking
    Telendevs claw is basically the only slightly hard thing to find for unlocking the paths. The only late game path even more easy to unlock is Legend because it represents a completely different branch in the story (see point 4). Swarm and devil have much more elaborate unlocking requirements which automatically makes them feel more special

  2. Mechanically the Gold dragon is lacking.
    The powers you get as a gold dragon are much weaker than what any other mythic path get. It is basically just a boost to stats and they come with a tradeoff in the form of losing armor and weapons.
    And to add insult to injury there is even a spell out there which emulates large parts of the mythic path. Why pick this mythic path when you can simply cast Dragonform III? And when a Brown Fur Transmuter does that the spell is even stronger than the mythic path
    The resistances are ok, but by that point of the game you can have protection from elements up 24/7. And you only get immunities at the very end of the game and because of what enemies you face you don’t need several of those immunities.
    Oh, and the dragon form, which is supposed to be your true form now, can be dispelled, just as if its just a renamed Dragonkind spell, which it sadly is.

  3. Gold Dragon lacks any signature or unique ability
    As shown in Point 2, thanks to the Dragonkind line of spells changing into a dragon is not unique or special. The only other ability gold dragons get is the breath weapon which is both weak and hardly unique as Cone of Colds can do similar things and the Azata through Aivu gets also a breath weapon in addition to superpowers.
    Any other mythic path gets something no one else has except the gold dragon

  4. No impact on the story.
    Late game paths were promised to have a large effect on the story. That certainly applies to the Swarm and to some degree on the Legend. But not to the Gold Dragon (and I think Devil). There is hardly any reactivity to you becoming a Gold Dragon apart from a few lines and certainly no huge effect on the story. The questline also is very detached with no real conclusion (and you can’t even use the pet you get in dragon form).
    The Gold Dragon is also the only late game mythic path (maybe the devil too) which does not have a unique scene with Aivu when you switched from Azata, further showing how much effort went into this path as compared to Swarm or Legend.

The gold dragon is lacking both in the story and mechanically, probably because of being tacked on in the last minute, and needs to be expanded a lot or completely redone to become equal to other mythic paths.


I just found out that the quest which I thought was gold dragon specific (Dragon Burial Ground) can be done by everyone.
So there is even less gold dragon specific content (close to none).

Good myhic path analysis on Reddit and how some of them are trash (Gold Dragon among them)

Gold Dragon: Not only is there very little content. Not only is the content blatantly unfinished. But the writing itself is several steps below the rest of the game, it may as well have been written by an intern.

IMO mechanically they should do the following:

  1. Allow the player to keep abilities from whichever path they were playing, (but maybe not allow Lich or Demon to become Gold Dragon)
  2. Buff Dragon form to Dragon Form IV - with increased mental stats as well as physical ones.
  3. Add some incentive for spellcasters to choose this path, e.g. ability to outright ignore spell resistance, increase CL of your spells by your mythic rank beyond what they have in description, Maximize all spells of level 6 and below, or change damaging element to the same element as is the Dragon’s breath. After all, Dragons are basically first Sorcerers, famous for their magic.
  4. Make it so the Dragon form becomes your default form.
  5. Remove " All your weapons count as +5 weapon." ability. At this point in game this ability is a very sad joke. Maybe change it to “Add +5 to any weapons you are holding. The weapons ignore DR of any kind. Add the basic + modifier of the weapon you are holding to DC of your spells and abilities”

Storywise, unfortunately only complete rewrite and update with boatloads of quests can help.

The all weapons become +5 is there to avoid needing an amulet of mighty fist in dragon form. The problem is the +5 only applies to your claws, but not bite/tail/wings.

Not sure about your point 1. It would certainly make the dragon more equal to other paths, but not by being a dragon.

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I suggested this option because Devil path merges previous path with itself, so there is a ready technical solution for it. Maybe change type/color of the dragon depending on previously selected path to make it more in line with the feel of this path. It will cease being “Gold” Dragon path, but you will still get to be a Dragon.

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I’d play the hell out of a red dragon bloodline character, ‘corrupted’ by Elysian power, awakening as a red dragon that has the crusade shitting itself until his first act is to throw an epic 'kicked the demons out of Drezen again, Galfrey" party.

Well, that might be too much work. I meant it more of your past path determines your type. So Aeon becomes Lawful Neutral Brine Dragon, Azata a Copper dragon or another Havoc Dragon (and keeps Aivu), Trickster becomes a Prism Dragon, Angel and actual Gold Dragon etc, etc. The only thing that changes are some stats, your breath weapon and resistances.

Idk, their characterization of Gold Dragons is so wall-bangingly weird that it’s not really discernably any kind of dragon that shows up in the lore.

Lawful Good as “play roulette with lives and defend your choices with confirmation bias” is just… bewildering. Hal.

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Pretty much. Hal (one of the most hated NPCs from what I read) and the entire Gold Dragon story (what little there is) are just badly written Ember clones and have nothing to do with being a dragon.

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As I stated before, whole alignments in this game are out of whack:

Good = criminally naive, pompous and self-righteous
Lawful = punishment-oriented, overzealous and authoritarian

Only Evil and Chaotic make kinda, sorta sense.


There are so many things to fix… demon balance, lich reactivity and transformation, adding a transformation to aeon, enhance gold dragon mechanics and reactivity, enhance devil reactivity, enhance act V, enhance the mythic paths pathing…

So much work for an enhanced edition… not sure there gonna do all of this

Not likely, sadly :frowning:

They have overpromised and now they have to struggle with feature creep. Remember kids, never ever promise things you have not already created.

And lack of Aeon’s transformation is by far not the worst thing that’s missing from this path.

I don’t have any intention of trying aeon, myself. I can sorta see the appeal, but something doesn’t sit right to me about something declaring itself judge, jury, and executioner based on, as near as I can tell, its own intuition or even whims.

The idea of something that can not just act upon the world, but change the way the world is without appeal or potential for intervention is basically eldritch horror to me.

Well, I liked the idea of Aeon, but to be honest I’d prefer it didn’t get implemented if the result is the way we have - a buggy mess with inconsistent plot points and cul-de-sac story-paths that apparently didn’t get implemented.

I’d rather take 4 polished, working mythic paths than 6 basic paths + 3 extra ones + 1 secret path, all of which are buggy as hell (some more than others)

Thing is, they not only promised, we paid for it through kickstarter stretchgoals. And while there certainly is not any legal requirement to deliver quality people will remember if they neglect kickstarter promises.

Good point, but it also proves the point that their planning of those stretch goals extremely short-sighted in retrospect, both for them and the players that supported them.

I for one, I am not going to finance any of their future projects via kickstarter. I will do as smart people do - wait for Enhanced Edition and get it with all DLC for quarter the price.

That is, if there’s even going to be next project for them.

Yes, but now they are in. And it is very obvious that the late game content is lacking and I expect at least the Gold Dragon getting improved as for me this path was a big part of why I backed in the first place and now it ended up as the worst mythic path of all of them.

This path has one big problem, the Dragonkind spells which means just transforming into a dragon is not unique or special. And if you want to stay more or less connected to the lore there are not that many abilities you can give a dragon to make it different from someone who uses Dragonkind 3. (But you need to add something to make the mythic dragon at least at bit “competitive” with other mythic paths when it comes to power).
This also means that to really upgrade the gold dragon mythic path you have to do it through story. And for that you have to at least match the story impact of the swarm (as a late game patch you can’t cram enough story into Act 5 to match what for example the Azata has).

Just found the old Reddit AMA in which Owlcat said that the late game mythics will be “a little more crazy” than the others.

I certainly don’t feel any craziness from the Gold Dragon…
(If someone knows which other stream he means please link it. Thanks)

It has all hallmarks of having been added late into development. We can only hope they will expand it in definitive edition.