Double debilitation not working In Kingmaker (I Think)

Hey there Owlcats and Bears etc… In Kingmaker as Nok-Nok it seems like double debilitation never takes hold even if I have my 2 selections (The one that reduces AC and the one that reduces STR) toggled on at the same time I never seem to see both on any critter at once.

I can toggle one and consistently get that but never both (seemed like right after I picked it it was working for a short bit) and then just stopped during the Womb of Lamashtu Dungeon.

So at this point double debilitation feels like a wasted choice and I am tempted to respec.

Any Ideas?


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If you have another Rogue (like Octavia) with Single Debilitation that will overwrite the Double whenever she gets a Sneak in.

The AC debuff shows up in the Combat Log when you attack. Sometimes it takes a hit or three to show up. There are other effects that have a delay as well. The AB debuff will show up when the target attacks.

Hey There Desiderius, I can confirm no other characters with single Debilitation on the team. I was not checking the combat log so I will double check that tonight. What I was checking is the icon for the Debilitation effect on the enemy picture and only one of the two toggled effects ever shows on a single enemy after Nok-Nok sneak attacks them. What (Might) be occurring is either a bug with the icon and then as you say the effect should show up at least in the combat logs or … some kind of a bug that has stopped both from applying or perhaps Nok-Nok is somehow overwriting his own initial de buff or perhaps it is expiring before the other one appears.

My assumption was that if I have both toggles for -ac and - str on at one time that both of those should always auto apply as soon as Nok-Nok Scores a single Sneak attack.

But that does not seem to be occurring and 2 debuff icons at once are not showing up on the enemy picture in the turned based mode anyhow.

More to come after I do some testing tonight


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Thx man. I’ll take a closer look once Wolj hits level 12 in Wrath but on hold waiting for Drezen bugs to be resolved.

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Haven’t gotten there yet anyone else know if this works in WOTR before I attempt to take it on Woljif?

It worked in beta but that’s no guarantee lol.

Heh I’ll Save just before I pick it then and test it out in WOTR too I know it got messed up on Nok Nok in PFKM for me after taking it anyhow

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Any news on a patch to fix the Console version of Kingmaker that hasn’t worked since release nearly a year ago?
All queries are being ignored on the console forum so thought I’d post this elsewhere… :face_with_monocle: