Do you think Pathfinder KM companions supports certain classes more?

OK, we got fairly balanced party, where Linzi and Octavia both cover rogue/arcane stuff, even though you get real rogue late late
Do you think Kingmaker was made to be paladin/sorcerer oriented in both alignment system and party compositions…

To illustrate my point we got:
Linzi, Valerie, Amiri, Harrim, Jaethal + Tristian and Octavia and Regongar
then we got Ekun, Jubilost, and very late Nok Nok

if we want to create a great recommended party of fighter, cleric, mage and rogue + two supports, we will come -> almost shorthanded

Valerie, Tristian, Octavia, Linzi can represent fighter/cleric/mage/rogue + either Ekun or Amiri makes this very balanced good aligned party - but all this dropps into the flush, if we create squishy character like feyspeaker druid. Especially, since neither Ekun, nor Valerie can hold their ground and be traditional fighter
Paladin MC, Tristian, Octavia, Linzi + one more party member - we’re now talking about power… also maybe we are supposed to create paladin/sorcerer?
Kingmaker is obviously goody two shoes campaign and I respect that I love that
but how to make great party with these party members?

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Octavia, if made an arcane trickster through accomplished sneak attack feat, is mage and rogue enough for the party.

In fact, AT Octavia, Harrim and an optimized melee MC is already a balanced party (and you still have 3 slots for extras).

But to do anything as MC and prosper, as the OP suggested, i´d go with AT Octavia, Harrim (him over Tristan for a solid extra in melee), Linzi (for competence bonus, extra body in melee and backup if Octavia and/or Harrim falls mid combat), Valerie (tank) and Amiri (DPS).

This 5 companions are avaiable almost from start and are a solid, balanced party that, if optimized, could escort even a Aristocrat MC (not that we can pick NPC classes) to endgame.

p.s.: Isn´t crazy as it sounds build Linzi as melee. KM has a lot of powerful light armor and shields. My Linzi had great AC. And belts mixing dex/con buff are common by midgame.


The game’s companions strongly incentivize the main character to play a melee tank. There are two clerics, a dedicated archer, an arcane caster, a bard, a 2nd row damage dealer, another ranged half arcane caster, etc. Other than Valerie, there is no front line (and no—an Eldritch scion magus, a barbarian, and a cleric in heavy armor are not front line characters.

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Unless you´re saying Frontline = Tank, i can´t agree that Barbarians aren´t front line.

Also, in my 1st playthrough i made a 2H Fighter, and i dropped Amiri when i got Ekun because i felt i had more people to melee than i needed. In the 2nd i made a mystic theurge and never missed having an extra tough melee guy.

So i really didn´t felt this incentive to play melee tanks too.

Barbarians aren’t frontline (by which I mean tanks). They don’t have natural bonuses to armor class (or at least, the handful of bonuses available are offset by penalties); they lack heavy armor; without a substantial feat investment, they must stack strength instead of dexterity; they can’t supply their own useful tanking buffs (mirror image, blur/displacement, shield); and their best ability—pounce—is not especially useful on a tank who will be immobile while protecting your back line. They are best suited as 2nd row damage dealers, with either a 2H reach weapon or with a size buff or, with pounce, as a mobile assassin of the enemies back row. There’s a good argument that they should use natural weapons early at early levels—beast totem, tiefling subrace, maybe a vivisectionist splash for some sneak attack, feral mutagen and shield buffs. It’s possible to build a barbarian who might be serviceable as a off-tank, but that’s not the best use of their skills and Amiri is definitely NOT that type of build.

I got it now. By frontline you mean tanks, while i meant anyone durable enough to have melee as primary attack (and survive).

I agree the only tank among companions is Valerie. But i still think she´s enough.