Do you think Owlcat will be doing another AP?

As the title say’s I’m wondering if Owlcat will be adapting any of the other adventure paths for the PC?

I am quite sure they will. So my vote is: Yes.

I am pretty sure that owlcat well do another adventure path but i would like owlcat to make a expansion pack for kingmaker that lets us use the same main character like neverwinter nights two did with mask of the betrayer

They’re currently working on it. So… Yes.

The expansion or the next AP and if the AP can I get a hint as to what it will be?

NO. Evil laughter

Any hint on next AP you guys working on? Besides the survey questions of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably, yes

If anyone missed the questions, two of the questions were about systems introduced in Skull and Shackles, and Jade Reagent.

Honestly, I’d be happy with any Paizo AP. Everything they’ve published is not only interesting, but they have had thousands of people playtest and pick apart each module and story. That coupled with Owlcat’s method of running the whole dev team through multiple groups of the AP, it promises to be another great adaptation… if/when it happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell´s Rebels is my favourite AP.
But between those 2 i´d go with Skull and Shackles. Firearms!!! (And i think the ship management is more fun and works better than the rules for caravans).

For me its wrath of the righteous but the same mythic abilities that I’m interested in would be a major pain to code or balance and most of my favorites (immortality, sustenance, sanctum) wouldn’t be of interest as a game option. That said another favorite of mine is Jade Reagent as I like the journey to the east theme in fact I’ve kind of wished I had time to for my own entertainment do a solo WotR followed by JR campagin for myself. Rise up as a immortal being then journey to the east actually enjoying those abilities.

On the other hand I can see an argument against the runelords series of AP’s because they’re chained (Rise of the Runelord, Shattered Star, possibly ruins of Atzlant and Return of the Runelords) so unless you could import major game choices it’d sort of leave me a bit unfufilled if everything my character did in one AP wasn’t part of the next even though they’re set in the same world.

Ah well I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next one as while there’s been a few things I’m not a fan of (time issues for example) I have enjoyed it more than enough buy their next one.

Ooof, firearms would be a nightmare to handle in an RTwP unless they remove misfires

True. But i´d want them even with misfires. I love ranged touch attacks.

I just mention misfires as one of those things that’s easy to deal with when you have 1 character (quick clear, get secondary weapon, or risk an explosion, but a massive pain if 1/6 just lost the ability to attack. Then, you have to deal with gun repairs. Quick-clear as a mode or automatic thing would work, but would become an issue when they run out of Grit, or with archetypes that don’t have it.

I don’t say these things to poop all over an idea, just pointing out a technical issue that would have to be overcome to make it work.

Hmm, this far we have not (I believe) seen ranged weapons which might run out of ammo (arrows, stones, darts and so on) or thrown weapons either. I have to admit that it might be a good / nice / more realistic idea to add ammo for future games.

But on the other hand… …if you have a change that you will lose that “throwing dagger +2” or so… …that is not so good (even if realistic), specially if you attack someone => weapon get stuck to that thing/person who manage to get away (using spell or so) and you have to wait a long time for next meeting and hope that game developers do not forget that your unique magic item is stuck of that enemy :smiley:

how do you know this? if its true that would be pleasant news to hear.

where did you learn of this, that is quite pleasant to hear. as much as the game had problems it was very enjoyable. I wouldn’t want such promising adventures to die after the first game.

jade reagent?