DLCs /Season Pass - Players' Wishlist

I know there is already a threat discussing the DLCs. Just wanted to have one dedicated to listing down what we players would love to see in any future DLCs

In no specific order… but grouped in relation…

  • More companions

  • More companion/NPC stories, like personal stories, romance options, etc

  • More playable races, especially the elemental and dhampir races that did not win the poll.

  • More race options, PF have many alternative racial traits for each race and sub-races (like for aasimars or dhampir)

  • More classes - Like Oracles, Witches (ones that fit into the stolen lands/river kingdoms setting.)

  • Exotic classes - May be even ones from more exotic places? Like psychics, ninjas, etc

  • Class options like archetypes, more animal companion options, spells, feats, etc

  • More locations

  • extra adventures that take place in or outside the stolen lands/river kingdoms

  • Example, an adventure taking place in the fey realm of the first world?

  • Cameo appearances by known Pathfinder NPCs? Like other Iconic characters?

  • Expended games options (Maybe not as a DLC, but normal upgrade) - 1) Like extended play (where game events/timeline is stretched out) or 2) new game plus, etc
    *As someone who is GMing the Kingmaker AP right now, time flies very easily in the game… my party is in their 4th year and they are just starting book 3… so still trying to wrap the ideal of only 5 in-game years around by head. (This could be just how the PnP ver differs from the CRPG version in keeping track of time.)

  • More in-game story/events specific to Kingmaker - Just my 2 cents here, when my party decided to keep certain information a secret, I actually rolled to see if the people will find out. This resulted in the Councilor be hounded on the streets by reporters asking if certain facts about the party were true. You don’t get this kind of roleplaying in other adventures. The fact that party are rulers of a kingdom, makes for plenty of unique roleplaying options.

Hope to see any of these in any DLCs!

I think it is hard to weigh in on this before we have seen the base game, since there’s so much we don’t know about it.

Hmm, what we know this far:
A Season Pass. The Season Pass will automatically get you access to the first three packages of post-release downloadable content. These additions expand the world of the Stolen Lands and add new companions, locations, buildings, items, and most importantly - new adventures, memories and emotions for you to experience!

I expect one of these DLC’s to be Hellknigts:
But there is another outstanding image, or should we say, the order in the Inner Sea that also became synonymous with the Pathfinder. Yes, we are speaking of they who are the weapons of desperate times and soldiers with the force of will to do whatever must be done. They are intimidation, relentlessness, and unwavering conviction. They are the black-gauntleted fist of absolute order. They are the Hellknights!

For far too long the Stolen Lands were the den of thieves and murderers, sanctuary for those who ran from the Law, home of the chaotic and capricious fey, the embodiment of everything Hellknights abhor. They arrive in this lawless land with the important mission, and it will be up to you to decide whether they are friend or foe. Befriend them, prove that you are worthy, that your rule is the lawful one, that your country is the beacon of stability in the region and you will be welcomed into their ranks. Help them complete their mission in the Stolen Lands, and you will be taught secrets and mysteries only a few are privileged to know. Antagonize them, and you will find them to be a powerful and extremely well-organized adversary, vanquish them to seize their relics and discover the truth behind their appearance in the Stolen Lands.

This stretch goal will provide your character with even more options to choose, with unique abilities for Hellknights and Hellknight Signifers and specific items thematic to the Hellknights, as well as new quest line dedicated to the Hellknight presence in the Stolen Lands. Face them on the field of battle or fight side-by-side, it is your choice to make. [/b][/i]

So it would be great to create PC as Hellknight (or Hell Knight signifer prestige class), maybe conquest old castle/stronghold during your other quests and make it for stronghold near your kingdom as an ally… …or if you would be against them have to fight that place and meet them opposite side of the battlefield.

Second thing I would like to see are: Dhampir and Tiefling as extra race options.

Third: More romance options (looking for you Amiri specially, but if Paizo do not give permission… …then maybe option with Dhampir PC Jaethal would be willing to rule with him/her forever :wink: Try to make it bit like “Morrigan” because I personally felt that her romance option in Dragon Age: Origin was really good and memorable.) and deepen stories of these companions. After all it is WAY more fun to get new quest outside your own kingdom from someone who you actually care then some random person who you happen to meet and give you a map or quest (after all you ARE ruler… …so there should be bit deeper motive to adventure then XP and and some random request from person you do not even care and never meet after doing that quest)

4:th. More kingdom options (can you create yet a trade routes, build roads, send yout militia from one place to another, build war or fishing or trading ships/boats? Even nominate people for your settlements [who tax them, train them, protect them… …maybe some options / minigames around these things. If some rebel you can actually encounter them and see people you have nominated to lead them, troops using weapons and armour you have maybe personally gathered during your quests and send for that settlement?)

Something like the premium modules of Neverwinter Nights would be cool. Small, even episodic, releases with more “out there” campaigns.

Not for the first (my list/hpes for “first DLC list” is up there) but for later “more specific” “bunch of 3 DLC modules”:

It would be interesting to see maybe something like:
We B4 Goblins!
We Be Goblins!
We Be Goblins Too!
We Be Goblins Free!

(In that order.)

Idea is: you can play these goblins in that interesting DLC serie AND get option to meet them later in the game (if you ally/fight with goblin tribe) and they might become part of your lands as your “people” if you choose so. They do have items you have get to them, stats you have made while playing them and maybe you can see them in battle at your side (or against you) in future (if we get group battle options later, will see…)

Allso maybe add goblin as PC (new race) and Beastmaster + Plains Druid as new archetype to choose for (ranger + Druid, and no, I did not check if they are allready in the game, just thought they would fit in the “theme”).

Yes, I do understand it is something what some people might not like and that is a reason why I suggest to get it bit later (not first 3 DLC’s what are in the season pack).
Another reason is, some people want to get PC race from monsters and we allready have Nok Nok as companion.

3:rd reason is, we do have 7 chapter in the game, from level 1 to level 20. If every new DLC give us even 10 hour to new game time (most likely more, all side quests) there might be even a thing as “we have too much to play in certain level / some things are more for certain type of race/class/aligment” not to mention that game is supposed to be only 5 year time scale.

What I mean from 3:rd reason part is: if we get something we can play seperately instead of “one chapter more for base game” it is possible to create these things “as long as customers want to buy them”. AND we do not go in situation where one player who have bought all DLC’s have over 200 hour of mainquest and over 400 hour of sidequest and another player have only 40 hour of mainquest and 80 hour of sidequest.

This way we can get in theory quite many “DLC packs” with new race (like goblin, gnoll, troll and so on) and new familiar faces we have “bonded” because we played them from that level they are when we meet them but base game will not expand too much.

I second (and third) the requests for more character options (more classes, more archetypes, more feats, more races, more racial options).

Other than that, the Hellknights definitely resonate with me.

I’d also be very partial to a DLC that adds extended new Kingdom events. These would be fairly large scale events that could take a year or so in-game time to fully resolve and feature both kingdom management/dialogue aspects as well as quests. Some examples:

  1. A merchant caravan from Tian Xia arrives and spends the winter in the capital
  • exotic trade goods
  • quest for unusual goods that they are looking for / help protect merchant’s business interests
  • grants unique kingdom building if the caravan leaves on good terms
  1. Fey aristocracy visits the capital
  • very demanding and capricious
  • numerous small quests
  • grants a new companion - if on poor terms the companion granted is likely to betray you
  1. A circle of druids demands better relations with nature
  • rewards building parks and other natural features
  • penalizes heavy industry
  • grants new spells and equipment that gives increased bonuses while in natural environment

I’d be more Partial to DLC that has a side megadungeon where you could import your character in. Hordes of the Underdark from NWN1 for instance. Wirth some extra new stuff like A new companion with a new class (hopefully kineticist) and a new race (Hopefully Nagaji, or the Elementals option form the poll) with a lot of new items, and spells and feats to fill that out. Maybe some more Archetypes added too.

Basically I want not just new mechanical options, but new things to do with them.

While I disagree with pathfinder about how cool it would be to do the Here be Goblin Modules, the format of that appeals to me.

Carnival of tears
Rappan athuk (65 level mega dungeon)
Read a suggestion of having children of the void input in kingmaker with the crashing of an asteroid.

Dungeons and adventures that could show up on a node on the map, therefore not needing to adjust the overland map would be sweet. Now if youre worried about over levelling, you could potentially have the baron assign a group of mercenaries to these missions and they can return with the spoils to your main party.

Iron Tyrant!

Also would be cool to go up an order of magnitude and instead of having your companions as councillors create them barons of their own region or commensurate offices of state on a larger level and see what plays out (either as one of their underlings or in relation to you as their boss)

Now, THAT would be good ! A new module for 1st levels, but still the (retired ? Not-to-be-bothered-with-low-level-threats ? Busy ?) Baron hires fresh-blooded adventurers to do his bidding while his barony still needs him.
It would mean new things to do with the Barony, maybe diplomacy with other baronies/kingdoms around, while the group of new adventurers deals with some sort of seemingly minor threat that is revealed to be secretly led by the Barony’s rival. The plot thickens. With his land expanding, the Baron needs trusted new staff and offers rank and responsability to some members of the new group.

It may be too much for a mere DLC, but who knows ? I would love something like that, if well done…

I agree, there are better modules then these free ones. But I used them as an example (everyone can download them and get idea of what I mean).

Allso second reason why I used them was that they are from goblins (and if we get “theme” as goblin + few kind of fitting class options it is better then “random” mix of things. IMO).

3:rd reason was because they are kind of short. So perfect for DLC materials and adding “bunch” (like 3 DLC) under one theme it might work.

(This is for another person):
Yes, I understand totally idea of suggesting (and wanting) huge mega dungeon like Rappan Athuk (it is literally like 650 pages, you get from level 1 to level 20) but seriously… …as an single DLC? When 3 DLC’s are around 40$ and one ~15$ or so… …it might appear at some point. At full game with 40$ price tag (after year+ hard work)

Anyway, it was an idea developers can (and will) make better. It would be ideal if place would be kind of near (or inside) stolen lands. And be “connected” to new race / class ideas which come with it.

Player crafting is the main thing I’d like from DLC

  1. More companions
  2. Undead Lord (and other archetypes)
  3. More caster feats (and martial feats for that matter)
  4. More playable content (a dungeon could be fun, or some short story arcs)
  5. More prestige classes

My top 5 without having played the game. More reactivity to the world and more quests could be good as well.

Edit. My first post, I seem to be missing my badge :o

I’d add more races and base class? but otherwise that matches mine.

As for you badge, If you’ve properly transferred your pledge (the embedded link’ll show you how) it should be there. Either post in Tech support or shoot an email to team@owlcatgames.com for support on it.

More races could be fun, but a race does’t bring so many options to the way a character plays. Feats/archetypes/prestige classes bring a lot more ways to make a character yours.

I’m rather happy with the base class list already, the game is just missing more ways to make the character stand out. I specifically like playing conjurers/necromancers and I haven’t seen too much stuff for them in level up options. Well, I guess the unchained summoner would be really cool, but I’m not optimistic for it to make it into the game even with DLC.

And thanks for the info, my pledge has been transferred correctly, and I have the baron badge listed in the rewards. I will send the team an email to check what’s up.

political marriage i would love to have it in a dlc like game of thrones style i find it odd that there did not put it in the base game

A lot of romance was the victim of that serial killer; feature cut. It’s unlikely to make it into DLC for exactly that reason.

Traits even if weakened or altered because of shortened skill lists.

funny I thought the entire point of DLC was to be able to put things into the game you had to cut for the main release.

No. It’s to expand the game in ways that your customers want. Ideally the things you cut are things that your customers didn’t want, wanted least, or at least won’t notice was cut. DLC is either for stuff you wanted to put in but knew from pretty much the outset wouldn’t make it in, or for stuff you didn’t think of until it was too late, but which would be awesome.