DLCs are just gone. My savefiles are locked useless. What is going on

Platform: GOG

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

I made a fresh install of GOG Galaxy and Pathfinder Kingmaker on a refurbished Mac running on High Sierra. I bought every DLC previously, and I thought I might resume my game from earlier in the year. I have save files in the cloud with hundreds of hours invested and as far as I have researched, every version of the game since 2.1.0, and every version currently available on GOG isn’t compatible with the DLC. They don’t load, they don’t appear available for downloading on the extras, and even says that “I don’t own them yet”. Yet I have the save files with the evidence that I did own these DLC.

Am I supposed to restart the game, and play knowing that part of the content I payed for is missing?—I have read many articles about this, and all of them point at a solution NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE, said version 2.1.0.

What can I do to have my Pathfinder: Kingmaker + DLC purchases work? I would like to finish the game I started.

Att. Samuel

PS: If the image above renders, it is evidence that I bough the DLC on GOG.com—But they are not among the extras on GOG galaxy, and had to dig around to even find one in the store as I was troubleshooting.

How do you launch the game?

My game is on Steam, but when i launch it from the Kingmaker.exe, i get the DLC require on all my save files, i can use continue to load the last save files, but…
Launching from the Steam library ‘‘fix’’ it.

My guess, try to launch the game with GOG Galaxy if you are not already.

I don’t know since when that bug exist (on Steam), but i think it’s quite recent and need a fix.

I launch the game using GOG galaxy. Steam and Blizzard have truly forced my tendencies to just go through them to get to my games. But seemingly updates and upgrades can’t be trusted to always go forward. The new kingmaker updates present a plethora of fixes but they disable entire DLCS…thats not an update that should have been forced on the community.

I see people reporting issue with DLC from time to time, but it’s just not something everyone gets…

Update your game to 2.1.5d

It is updated to the latest version (currently). No effect. The game doesn’t detect the DLC.

I executed the offline installers and they don’t seem to add any content.

The DLC isn’t among the current selection of downloads for Pathfinder on GOG Galaxy…I fear that they are not being offered because they will not work with the updates. I so, WHAT ABOUT THOSE THAT PAID FOR THEM ALREADY?

I’m angry about this. With bugs and all I was happy with the game a year ago. And suddenly they downgraded the game to ultra-vanilla-forget-you-ever-bought-DLC and restart the game again?

I want to play what I paid for!