DLC WISHES! What Kind of DLC do you want?

Okay, so as we all know, the second Alpha is drawing close and writing is nearing completion on Wrath. The Beta will be here soon after the second Alpha (Don’t ask me how soon, or if that soon is measured in seconds or on a geological timespan, I don’t know). This means it’s time to start thinking about DLC!

If we want it, what we want, how we want it and so on!

So! Let’s Pitch our DLC Desires in this thread!

I’ll go first!

I want a couple things. I want a New Mythic Path where you turn yourself into a robot (or a construct if that flavor is too severe for a DLC). I Love grafts in Pathfinder Tabletop, and while we got “Turn yourself into a Demon” And “Turn yourself into Undead” the final flavor of Grafts is Robot arms (you know, aside from “turn yourself into a mushroom”, or “let the Drow decide what looks good on you!” both of which are Terrible ideas). I want to turn main character into an unstoppable Terminator. Or at least a Golem (if tech isn’t allowed).

I also want Summoner! Wrath has a dearth of arcane casters right now, but you know what would help a lot with that? Summoner, and a new Companion to go with it!

I also want more romance. Romance for everyone!

It made me sad that people who like guys didn’t get a romance option last DLC, but not enough to not get a romance option myself (and I don’t like guys). So allow me to propose a compromise:

The Romance option is a Doppleganger (who is also a Summoner, for best synergy).

This Doppleganger will not have an innate Gender. It will have 5 Character portraits that all share common themes (like eye color and height), but will all be radically different skin tones and genders including at least one that is completely ambiguous, and one that’s a natural Doppleganger form. The Doppleganger will be a romance option, and during the romance, the player preference will end up determining the doppleganger’s chosen form (or continued fluidity of form). To Be Clear, the Doppleganger doesn’t identify as any gender (including non-binary) gender is an entirely alien concept to the Doppleganger and it is experienced at a remove, not an inherent quality of the Doppleganger’s preference.

This DLC would satisfy everyone! People who like Male Romance options get a male romance option. People who prefer female romance options get a female romance option. people who prefer none of the above either get a non-binary romance option or a terrifying Doppleganger Romance Option (complete with dopple-snuggles!) and people who think that this is a terrible perversion and that people on the LGBT+ Spectrum shouldn’t exist in video games have to buy the DLC anyway if they want access to Summoner! Everyone wins! Except that I win twice because I get both Dopplegangers and Summoners.

What are your ideas for DLC?


Half Dragon tsunderer waifu gunslinger!
Well they can leave the half dragon out but we need guns!


If the legendary mythic path does not let us become a demi god than I would like a DLC that lets us do that but I would like to have a full on expansion pack like what Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate have done like Rise of the Runelords but using the same cac from Wrath Of The Righteous this would be a good way of getting the archmage mythic path


None, I want a full game not a shell that I have to buy the rest of the content for


A better version of the endless dungeon.


So many good suggestions already!

I want more companions + romances :grin:

I really enjoyed Beneath the Stolen Lands so something similar for WotR as well.

Also like the full expansion idea after the conclusion of WotR.


Stacking Archetypes. For example, a Magus that takes both Kensai and Bladebound (which admittedly is not currently a known archetype). Now the necessary element of this would be adding more archetypes for each class. Another idea would be a post campaign expansion that explores what would happen after each Mythic Path, as an example, an Azata could go off and do Azata things. Be Squirrel Girl or something.

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More companions and romance options are good. As are more classes and races. There’s always room for more options in general. For a bit odder idea, I’d kind of like a stand-alone DLC that runs you though all of the We Be Goblins! adventures. That could be a fun change of pace with goblin shenanigans.


Well assuming its not in the game. Stargazers ,Riftwardens & Crimson Templars.Preferably each with their own companions.


I’d like to see Gunslinger introduced, along with the gun-like archetypes for Alchemist, Barbarian, and the like. Ammo isn’t tracked as-is anyhow, and adding a timer to fix your gun (or burn grit to do it as a move) would negate the problem of “your gun is just exploded and gone” on a second misfire. It’d add a real Doom feel to the region, especially considering Numeria borders the Worldwound.


How about a prequel storyline for Arueshelae? Play through what lead her to be in the location that you eventually find her.

a less serious suggestion. The discord has created an “abomination” known as Harue, which is a fusion of Harrim and Arue. I would like a DLC where Harue replaces Arue with altered lines to go with it. it should clearly have a romance.


I´m for extra romance and companions too.

I liked this construct path idea too. I think golem fits this AP better than robots though, even though i love mecha…

But i really want gunslingers. That is my best DLC wish.

  1. I want more romance options. For example, a romance with a certain priest of Desna from the alpha, and with a certain greedy tiefling (if he’s not a romance option already of course).

  2. I want a spin-off DLC, like Varnhold’s Lot was. Maybe a prequel? A stealth mission for Arue or the Desnans? Heist of the century with Woljif and friends? Something about the Mongrelmen? Sir Allfrey and his grippli squire road trip to Kenabres? Or maybe something that explores a part of the story we haven’t seen yet. I just really loved how Varnhold’s Lot turned out: it doesn’t interfere with the main quest, it’s a complete story on its own, and it explores an interesting part of the story from a different angle.

  3. I’m always for more portraits! I’m against portrait packs because the art there is almost always used without permission of the artists/owners, and private character commissions are expensive. So the more portraits the game provides the better!

  4. I don’t know how aasimars and tieflings will end up looking, but possibly more customisation options in character creator for them? In KM they looked like just one variety, and they are a pretty diverse bunch depending on who was the ancestor. So more horn shapes, animalistic features, scales, more colours would be great.

  5. More hair. There’s never enough hair, so the more the merrier.

  6. I also want more arcane casters in the party, so a DLC with a nice good or neutral arcane waifu would be great. A dhampir arcanist? Who wears glasses and lives in the library! (unless it’s the final secret companion already)


An expansion set from the viewpoint of the other side of the conflict. Something where you start as a nameless demon lord worshipper grunt and slowly climb the ranks, as you batlle against the invading forces of the 5th Crusade. Think the Darkspawn Chronicles DLC from Dragon Age: Origins.

More Occult classes would be fine as well. Having the Psychic, Mesmerist, or Occultist base classes would enrichen the gameplay possibilities greatly, methinks. The Kineticist is pretty lonely on its own.

Also: more small races. Be it ratfolk, wayangs or gripplis. There is just a severe lack of playable exotic shorties in Owlcat’s games.

  1. A character build tester/trainer like “Vordan’s Hero Creator” (NWN2) where you can immediately set your char to the level you want, outfit him with stuff and put him in some kind of arena where you can chose your opponents.

  2. More visual customization options and overrides (something similar to the “Visual Adjustment” mod for Kingmaker) incl. a lot more tight outfits (like in the fantastic art of SirTiefling on DeviantArt), additional stuff like glasses, goggles, auras etc. - Yah, I know - many people kinda make fun of this and argue, that this is no “Sims” or a “Dating sim”, but every aspect of character customization is important imo (incl. the visuals) and I think there are definitely more people than just myself, that would spent more money (DLC) to get more visual customization options.

  3. Statistics & Biography - as additional tabs in the char screen. Esp. would love an accurate stats screen that lists everything like hits, crits, misses, kills (total and separate one by foes + most powerful one), disarmed traps (& other successful skill checks), etc. etc.


Apologies, as I do not typically use online forums. I am uncertain if this will be posted correctly. Indeed, I vastly prefer live communication such as text or chat servers. That said, I would greatly enjoy a DLC which features Valerie from Pathfinder: Kingmaker, as Valerie is my favorite character and favorite romance. This is my most ardent request. I appreciate any correspondence regarding this vital matter. Thank you. :chipmunk:

  1. More classes and prestige classes, i would love to see: Gunslinger, Antipaladin, Occultist, Samurai, Ninja, Crimson Templar.

  2. I would love to see more races implemented with possible companions for those races. Personally, i would love to see Wyvaran, Tengu, Nagaji and Ratfolk in the game.

  3. More companions with romance, preferable an full arcana caster would be great in wotr, since there are almost none full proper arcana casters in the game.

  4. A prequel story that explores the cultist side. It would be interesting to see the other side, and maybe even learn more about them.

  5. A randomized dungeon, like beneath the stolen lands was, with a super end boss at the end. It was prob the best way to test out your party builds.

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Chapter select dlc. After you’ve beaten a chapter you unlock the ability to start a new game at the start of that chapter, selecting from quests you’ve completed in previous playthroughs whether you’ve finished them and how. You’d miss out on unique loot from certain areas as a tradeoff but it’d overall be a worthwhile addition. You already have expectations in your encounter design for what level people should be so that part is simple, and itemization from there is simple. Especially if you just give a bunch of gold and there are shops with enough stock to equip the party from scratch.


Without knowing what Owlcat has done with the AP, it’s hard to say what sort of playable content/adventures might be a good DLC addition, but I would be most interested in them expanding character options with more classes, feats, spells and so on so that the core game has an even higher replay value. That, more than anything, would make DLC shine.

I care not one shred about new romance options as I won’t care about existing ones.

I would love another endless dungeon DLC maybe have it be an ancient tower said to reach heaven? I would also love more combat feats like improved combat expertise or break guard? Spring attack?? it makes sense now with turn based. We also need the Total defense action etc for those listening! First and foremost I want Ninjas! There are a lot of different spell casting options available but how many options for agile characters? I would love options for those who would like to take a more martial approach and only use their spell book for buffs.

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