DLC suggestion: Qlippoth Mythic Path

I think most people expect this game to add a DLC Mythic Path or two down the line, and my personal suggestion would be the qlippoth. The qlippoth are the original inhabitants of the Abyss who got pushed out when Chaotic Evil mortal souls started transforming into demons and taking over the Abyss. This gives a Qlippoth Mythic Path an immediate thematic relevance to the demon-fighting main plot of WotR. The qlippoth also tend to look a lot more alien and monstrous than the more vanilla designs of the demons, and I think they would satisfy most people asking for a “Great Old One” Mythic Path. Most qlippoth wants to wipe out mortals to prevent new demons from spawning, but you could have alternate paths where you instead try to encourage people to go lawful or Good so that they don’t turn into demons whe nthey die. The DLC could come with a side dungeon similar to Beneath the Stolen Lands or Riddles of Areshkagal where you venture into the realm of a Qlippoth lord, and end up absorbing Mythic Power from it.


Sorry, but “encourage people to go lawful good” makes no sense.

I do not think we will get this, but in case we get it it should be something Cthulhu style, so its about madness and tentacles.

Can you explain what part doesn’t make sense?

Did you read this?

Especially this part:
Horrific Appearance (Su): All qlippoth have such horrific and mind-rending shapes that those who gaze upon them suffer all manner of ill effects. A qlippoth can present itself as a standard action to assault the senses of all living creatures within 30 feet. The exact effects caused by a qlippoth’s horrific appearance vary by the type of qlippoth. A successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the qlippoth’s Hit Dice + the qlippoth’s Charisma modifier): reduces or negates the effect. This ability is a mind-affecting gaze attack.

A qlippoth path would be even more chaotic evil than the demon one. In a really, really batshit chaotic insane kind of cthulu evil. As you say, demons themselves are just watered down qlippoths fused with the souls of mortals. That in itself already makes a demon’s very nature more moderate than the undiluted real deal.

Sure: qlippoths hate demons in general since they stole their home turf from them. But the same also goes for anything else in creation and beyond. All they desire is to zerg rush anything. So I have to agree that such an alternate path to the demon one is very much the antithesis of encouraging people to go anywhere near lawful. Or good. Or even neutral for that matter.

I love qlippoths and their lovecraftian flair. But at the same time I also fear that a qlippoth’s desire to devour strongly overlaps with the swarm-that-walks. Given that the swarm will, too, want to zerg rush everything in its path. Albeit in a more ‘orderly’ fashion.

While I appreciate the addition of more archetypes and mythic paths, at this point they are experiencing the cereal problem: more choices, but every choice is just a different combination of the preexisting abilities and gameplay styles. I’d instead prefer for Owlcat to look at deepening the combat and skill systems by adding some combination of verticality, cover, line of sight, obscuration, darkness, terrain modification, knockback systems, and destructible terrain. Combat is a core part of the gameplay, and new
Combat systems should be introduced to add strategic complexity and keep the game interesting for future games.

My suggestion is to optimize the things that are already there or that have been announced instead of adding new stuff all the time.

The game is great.
Fix bugs and make some information easier to find and understand and it will be even greater.

It’s not like al lthe other outsider Mythic Paths fprces you to act like “the right way” all the time. You can commit disorderly acts as an Aeon or be an asshole Angel for example. And the Demon Path especially is all about you having the option to suppress your rage. I think setting up some sort of cult tricking people to behave to serve your own ends would both be a reasonable and on-flavour thing to do.

I really liked this Qlippoth Mythic Path idea (and the idea of extra paths in DLC as well).

But this won´t end neither lawful nor good by default. The player will have to make hard choices to keep itself in the light. And that makes for good stories actually.

While i love qlippoth in general and i would love to see one or two more mythic in some DLC i don’t think that qlippoth would be my first choice. We seems to have more evil path than good path right now (if devil secret path exist we will have demon, lich, devil, swarm) vs azata/angel/GD so a more neutral or more “good” path would maybe fit better. I think that there is a lack of martial mythic in general and a lack of True Neutral options (let’s be fair Legend could fit every alignement) but well, even if i have some preference whatever path they add if it’s as fleshed as the others will make my joy .