Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Players help players

OK, first of all: this thread is going to contain spoilers, a lot of them, but please try to contain them in the appropriate code.

Well, I started D:OS2 on the weekend, like it so far, but even playing on the easiest setting is challenging for me, for some reason. Might be because I didn’t play the first one?

Anyway, I’m stuck. Maybe someone on here can help me?

I still am on the Island with Fort Joy, but
[SPOILER]I don’t know how to get past that first Shrieker.

I got out of the Fort just fine. I found Gareth, found that camp of the Seekers, found that wand in that cave with that illusion-guy, but I don’t know how to defeat that Shrieker. That wand dosn’t do anything.[/SPOILER]
What am I missing?

If someone can help me out, I’d be glad.
Maybe we should connect on Steam? My username on Steam is “frazzlerunning”.

[spoiler]Are you using a drained wand or a… what were they called again? Purging wand, I think? The correct wand will give you a new ability, shiny aquamarine icon, requires a source point to cast. Sorry for being so vague, been buried in work and had no time to play for a while. But there are items (said wands, Braccus’ hat), which give you an ability, which basically lets you oneshot the shriekers.[/spoiler]

Ah! Thanks BK! Now I can play on.

What went wrong:
[SPOILER]Well, I had the right wand, but I used the normal attack with it, that didn’t have an effect on the Shriekers.
The description of the ability said

Consume a corpse to gain a Source Point, or steal a Source Point from a living character.
, so I didn’t think to use it on the Shriekers, as I didn’t connect that Shriekers would count as corpse[/SPOILER]