Disapointed in Ember's build

I think Paizo/Owlcat missed a chance with Ember. She could have been a confused Gingerbread Witch, with her Gingerbread familiar handing out fresh cookies with fire trap or explosive runes on them to demons, or pastries with the glue spell on them to clog the mouths of enemy casters so they cannot cast.
Think about the awesomeness of Gingerbread familiars. Mmm gingerbread.

Yes, for those of you with a surgically removed sense of humour, this was a joke.


Can I respond with a serious comment on her build?

She craves the Red Salamander Ring from Act 2. I might even say she needs it, thrives on it to expand her list of offensive spells.

But the darned thing is expensive, and worse than that it’s MISSABLE which IMO is crippling for Ember.

I honestly think it should be moved from a vendor, to somewhere along Embers personal quest line (though if there were some way to keep it in Chapter 2, but not on a missable vendor, that would be ideal) or somewhere its hard to miss if you’re thorough, and can be returned to in chapter 3.

I think this would be a great change that would directly benefit Ember or potentially the MC as well.

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Sounds more like Kingmaker :wink: