Difficulty problems: a message from our Creative Director

We hear your comments on the game difficulty and difficulty spikes, and we will take specific steps in addressing those spikes. First of all, the encounter with the wolves is too hard right now even for normal difficulty, so we will be reducing the number of the wolves in the encounter, as it is a part of the tutorial and should not be as harsh. Speaking of random encounters - we will double check our random encounter generation rules once again to be sure that the encounters that are too powerful for your party didn’t happen.
We hear a lot of comments about the spider cave Bokken is sending you to. Swarms are difficult, as swarms of tiny creatures are immune to weapon damage in Pathfinder and require special handling with fire, alchemical fire or AoE spells. From hotfix 1.0.2 Bokken will be warning you of those dangers and provide the party with means to handle them at least partially (several alchemical fire flasks). There will also be separate tutorial messages about difficult to notice mechanics on enemies (like damage immunity or damage reduction, regeneration and similar). For story mode and easy difficulties, those qualities of creatures will be turned off (story mode) or reduced (easy).
The first chapter of the game allows you to choose between different objectives, you can start pursuing your rival, or you can start dealing with the bandits. Because of that, you can reach certain boss enemies having different levels and overall power. We will be reviewing encounters in the Temple of the Elk and the Ancient Tomb to be sure their difficulty is suitable for a 2nd level party.
And one last note about the difficulty - there are plenty of difficulty options to choose from, and we really hope that each player can find the difficulty of the game that will be interesting to them. Unfair and Hard difficulties were meant as really difficult challenges, where creatures are much more powerful than player’s party (and we will be adding an additional warning for the new players, who want to start the game on those difficulty settings). I know that there are some players who consider modes like this the only viable modes of play, and while respecting that I want to say that we were designing them to be very difficult and require a lot of patience, careful party building and getting accustomed to party abilities and adapting your strategies to that. A lot of encounters there are killing my party when I am playing the game and require at least several tries to change the tactical approach to the encounter. Please keep that in mind.

–Alexander Mishulin,
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Creative Director

Don’t know if is a bug but i can’t same to pick a deity is it a bug?

Please lovely Devs dont gimp the Game to boredom and pls pls pls no Enemie scaling.
And about random encounters if a Group will be attacked by a Enemie that is to Powerfull you have still the option to run (or atleast i hope so i never tried it) but what i want to say is let some (rare) Powerful attacks be for realism purposes sry for my bad english.

Are the devs looking into why a number of people (particularly those on Steam like myself) aren’t able to get the in-game digital rewards or soundtrack, even though it is part of our pledge level? (Mine is Lore Explorer)

Enemy is NOT supposed to scale. I mean yes, for my first run: Aldori Defender (PC), Amiri, Harrim, Linzi, Jaethal after being LE and getting Oleg’s money for myself meeting bandits later was not possible in level 2 and only with them. But hey, after I hit level 3 and get Regongar + Ocatavia (and left Linzi away) it was not so bad (sure I had to use spells and strategy).

I play in P&P difficulty, game is supposed to be a challenge and I LOVE how this is like Baldur’s Gate. You do have 90 days time. You can be idiot and run enemies at level 2 (yep, lose against Troll, man gotta try… not possible), or you can TRY and search places, do other things and hey, you eat a bug (yep, LE bird get the bug) explore and get level up. You can do things now, things what were hard before.

yes i love the freedom of the game like i loved it in bg (1) !

I had a CR 14+ encounter at lvl2, and sadly running away was not an option. They run faster, and 1-hit-killed my main and Harrim.

I tested with a weaker encounter, and it seems you can’t leave a random encounter map if there are still nemies nearby. That was an option in the beta, so I1m not sure if it’s a bug or a bad feature.

This. Non-scaling, difficult encounters that you HAVE TO run away from are super fun and add to the gaming experience. But then, you have to be able to actually run away - otherwise you kill the gaming experience, quite literally.

Also, kudos to the devs for addressing all the bugs quickly and head-on. I personally fully expect a few weeks of buggy play right after release for any game of this type (for TOEE it several months, didn’t it?), so I’m well impressed if the patches start rolling out already. Hang in there! :slight_smile:

I am still waiting for my question to be answered?

It should be good if, when a random encounter appears… before switching to the fight, a window shows up with the option to “try to escape/avoid the monster”, and if you try that, the game make a Perception (or Stealth) check… if it’s succesful you will avoid the fight entirely

The game is perfect the way it is. I’m playing on challenging mode and I like it. Please don’t nerf the game difficulty devs!

But if you’re going to change anyway, I have a suggestion:

Replace the “challenging mode” by “core rules”, and in the enemy stats adjustments replace the somewhat tougher by normal.

Perhaps you should ask it in a different thread. This thread addresses difficulty problems (and to be honest, I don’t think the devs have time right now to check even this thread for replies, especially since the OP was a statement, not a question). We are filing bug reports in the thread with the appropriate title, and even there, we don’t expect quick replies to our questions. We try and provide correct and concise info for the devs to pick up on and patch. Imagine what their work shifts look like right now! I imagine they will have time to chat with us only much later; first comes the coding of patches!

I picked “challenging mode” because it looked like it was the “true” normal, the “core rules” like you said. And I got rolled. I went back and noticed that the stat adjustments jump from “somewhat easier” to “somewhat tougher” and that if you wanted “normal” stats you had to specifically pick it. I laughed, picked it, and the difficulty is now exactly where I want it to be. So yeah, long way of saying I agree completely.

Problem is that in many of the early encounters enemy has such high ac that even if prebuffed it is practically impossible hit them while at the same time they hit nearly every time. So many fights are winnable only if you get couple of lucky criticals.

I’m starting thinking that you haven’t considered the original Pathfinder ruling about encounters. If you’d followed it you’d know that 3 wolves are CR3 and there are no chance for a party of 4 lvl 1 to kill this group of monsters… I’m a master of Pathfinder and I can’t figure out how did you balanced this game… I’ve succeded only the defence of Oleg’s trading post for a total of 7 hours of game… I counted even “missed” hit and there’s no possibilities to see an 80% of miss during a game… please, just do something…

My party of 4 level 2 character got ambushed by two mature Athach which are two CR 14 or omething creature I think, I am gonna put that one on a bug.

yeah, at level 2 and 3 the game feel more like a game of chance than a game of tactics, the only way to win is to save scum it until you get Lucky with your rolls and the ennemy get unlucky with theirs.

Maybe I’m used to it? but on Normal difficulty I haven’t really had any issues outside the swarms in the fangberry cave, Viscount Smoulderburnn and the Ratnook Hill encounter. Everything else hasn’t taken more than one reload to win, and the last two are meant as optional challenges.

That is bad and they should enable it or make it atleast roll dependent like on a team average Atletic, Mobility or combinatetd Atletic/Mobility check (if this is possible).