DIfficulty of battles

I like the game but… whoever designed the difficulty of battles… should get fired.


Its so imbalanced.

My party is level 6 and fights against 4x sick smilodons, each is level 14 undead, has +22 to attack and 5 attacks.

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My experience is just the opposite (I have just started the gray fortress). I assume you play “real-time” combat, right?

I play TBC and its too easy, I have never had a TPK. I assume that TBC is much more efficient (you have much more control over your characters) than on “real time combat”.

If you didn’t play Pathfinder ganes before it will be painful. I play on the core diff now (real-time) and it is too easy for me.

You just need to get better. Playing on core with enlarged monster packs and it’s mostly a breeze so I reduced party size.

It’s difficult, but not impossible. Unfortunately, the battles are sometimes so hard that the only way to win is to do turn-based. Defender’s heart comes to mind.