Diety Alignment Questions

I want to do a particular summoner build (Inquisitor, monster tactician.) with an evil character but the build requires me to follow a good god for the community domain. What happens if I start going evil? Do I lose my powers? Can I even go evil? How does this work? ;~;

As Inquisitor you lose your spells, domain abilities and other class abilities when you’re too far away from your deity’s alignment
The domain is only a small part of the build - feel free to just take a domain of a deity which fits to your roleplay

But a “good” god is the only god that has the “community” thing for summons. Does this loss of spells happen in the video game as well? Because I was trying for a neutral/chaotic evil summoner thing.

You lose all your powers if you change your alignment, in the video game as well. There is no way around it.
You’ll either do a good build or you make a build without community. You’ll have to choose.

Pathfinder has lots of neutral and evil deities with the Community domain. Such as Dretha, an CE orc goddess. But sadly none of them were implemented by Owlcat in either one of their games.

And while this problem of underrepresentated domains for other alignments could be fixed if a modder decides to add additional deities as a mod… there afaik does not exist something like that for Kingmaker. But at least we got such a mod for WotR now - providing dozen of new deities for players to pick. And I imagine it’s only a matter of time until it introduces some new deities with the Community domain as well.

Back to Kingmaker: the only thing I can think of for your current build situation is creating an evil Inquisitor with a fitting deity of your choice. And then to manually switch out the taken domain for Community instead via Bag of Tricks. Not really a lore-friendly solution. But it should still work. Unless of course you play on console. Then you’re really out of luck.

And this was the moment I realized I need to stop getting this stuff on console and convert to PC Masterrace. -.- Lol. Anyway. Thanks for the information y’all. It was very helpful. :3 Especially you, Kamigoroshi. Now I have an idea where to start should I ever get a PC.