Didn't got Badge/Discord role

i updated info as needed and everything payed already but i didnt got my badge or role, anyone know what can i do with this?

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I’m curious about this also since I didn’t get my badge or role either.

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We are working on this issue. It will be updated soon.

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Owlcat Team

got it by mail

Hi guys, any news about this issue? i still didnt get the badge nor the discord role!

thanks a lot

Didn’t got discord too, but here i got commander…

did you guys managed to get your badges? I want to vote for the new playable race, I did everything, put the nick and registered here, and I still haven’t received my badge =( also, my order says paid on the backer portal

Also not being given my badge. Entered my username for the forum into the Backer portal. My order is paid. No badge though.

@lordcygnus : Have you tried to directly contact Mortheim ? The Backer Portal is very buggy and it took me a month to finally get my badge thanks to the playable race polls that locked everyone out… So do not hesitate to reach out to him. :blush:

@Axelofthekey : Try to message or contact our community manager by writing @+his name in your next post. He will definitively help you out !

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how long it usually take to get badge? not in haste just curious

I would really like to know that, too.

For some people, it could be done in a day. Others waited a bit more. I guess it depends about how busy Mortheim is to fix up things manually between this forum and the Backer Portal. :roll_right_up:

It also depends on some script that seems capricious for some reason.
So, all in all, it has taken between a few hours and a few days in most cases. For those for whom it lasted longer, it was probably due to bugs, and you have to contact Mortheim for him to manually fix and include you.

The forums eventually worked (I did PM Mortheim, but didn’t get a reply, so not sure if it was manually fixed or auto resolved before the message was read).

The discord doesn’t seem to work at all though.
I tried wiping the discord username I’d entered on the backer portal, saving, and entering the correct one again. No luck, I’ve left it 3 days or so, read in chat that it can take weeks to fix, so I guess I just wait. I’m not even sure it matters for discord, I didn’t back to a level that gets alpha/beta.

I mean even if you got the most basic reward like I did, you still normally get a Discord role (it’s in the description). I am sure you will get it soon eventually ~

same here. i actually DM mortheim but i haven’t get reply. i didn’t get any discord role yet.

Don’t panic! Remember that Mortheim may be in a different timezone than you are and so might not be able to reply right away. Also remember that there are a lot of people experiencing this issue and so it will probably take Mortheim a while to address each message.

Same problem here, registered and went through the hassle a few days ago, just to vote for the rats, and still nothing. But there’s still time until the end of the month, so /shrug.

I got a reply from him this morning, said he’d added a bunch of users to the bot.
Check now, you might be sorted.

sadly still no role given.

Yea I still don’t have access to the alpha forum either.