Did not receive "A Job For A General" achievement after completing "Ripples on the Water" quest

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods?
No mods.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
I am playing in “Varnhold’s Lot” DLC (challenging difficulty). I’ve completed “Ripples on the Water” quest, but did not receive achievement “A Job For A General”. I am already in Varnhold and received the next quest, “Of Cows and Other Matters of Political Importance”. Achievements in the base game and in “Wildcards” DLC seem to work correctly.
It’s a major issue to me, because it compleatly kills any interest in the game.
I’ve already reported this bug via in-game feature, but did not receive any feedback.
What is the source of problem and how can I solve it?