Did anyone get through Lepers smile without morale damage (Version 0.52)

I got a morale penalty of -10, no matter if I save the guy in the rift or not.

I walked directly to the queen and did not touch any loot.

Are there any ways to raise morale later?

Odd, I think the way it works is you can loot 1 time, and save the halfling then kill the queen and you should receive no penalty’s. Every time you loot after that, maybe even just looking in the side caverns, you receive -5 morale each time.

The way I did it was to look in every side passage and noted what was in where…then reloaded and went directly to the side passage I wanted to loot, then directly to the halfling/Queen. 0 morale damage.
Come to think about it, it might have been before 0.5.2i, not sure on that though.

  • In Leper’s Smile you could get -100 morale. Resolution: fixed, if you faced these issues you can reset your morale to zero following these simple steps:
    If you are on the global map return to the war camp (or any other location) and rest for one day. Then return to the global map and now your morale should be at 0.

Taken from the 0.5.2i patch notes.

I went there while playing version 0.52 and my morale went down from 0 to -10.
I was not hit by the -100 bug.

See if the fix for that will work with the -10, no harm in it.

Yes, i walked through yesterday with 0 morale loss.
I think it depends on your choices