Dhampirs Discussion

Just wanted to start a topic about Dhampirs and how I think they will be implemented in Wrath of the Righteous.

First off I think that Dhampir Subraces will be in.

Secondly the skill bonuses that Dhampirs get will be more powerful given the condensed skills in the CRPG. For example Ancient-Born get +2 to climb and +2 to Survival in PnP, but Climb got combined into Athletics which now includes catching things, climbing, swimming, jumping ect…, and Survival got combined into Nature Lore, which is Survival/Medicine/Knowledge Nature/Monster Knowledge for Fey/Aberrations/animals/monstrous humans/plants/animal handling.

I think the fact that both Lich and Dhampir’s are playable means that the Repair Undead spell is likely to be in the game.

Dhampir’s are good at fighting undead and evil clerics and to a lesser extent enchanters/illusionists. Ancient-Born have problems with Undead that attack ability scores.

Negative Energy Affinity can cause problems but given you can customize your party, that is likely to be very easy to get around.

If the life dominate soul feat is in a Dhampir Lich with this feat will be able to be healed with channel positive energy healing effects, and maybe cure wounds.

Regeneration heals Dhampirs fine, it’s not positive energy based and require only that the character be living. Kinetist Water healing should also work fine on the Dhampir.

I like that Dhampirs get 3 spell like abilities per day, resists disease, mind effects, and level drain.

Also I suspect the 10th Lich spell Realm of the Dead deals Negative Energy damage so heals Dhampirs.

Thoughts? Concerns? Feelings?

I really hope dhampirs will have a different look from both humans and half-elves. Give them milky eyes, visible fangs, a more gaunty build, skin like faded brass for Vetala-Born, or old and wrinkled faces for Nosferatu-Born.
Anything to make them stand out from the other races, really.

I’d also love to see the Blood Drinker racial feats for them making it in. Especially if the Blood Kineticist archetype gets into WotR.

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We will have a separate update on Kickstarter about Dhampirs really soon :wink:


Great, because this is actually first race after humans which I consider playing in Kingmaker or this new game. So new information how this will be imported to the game will be welcome :slight_smile:

The Kinetist Archetype that will be most valuable in my opinion to a Dhampir is Kinetic Chirgeon or whatever it’s called. Kinetic Healer is not positive or negative energy based, it just requires the target to be alive (not construct or undead), and Dhampirs are still alive, so it can be the party healer for everyone. If Mistsoul is in, I’ll go for that Undine subrace for it very thematic.