Devs! Please Include: More Two Weapon Fighting Feats

Dear Owlcats,

I have been championing this since the Alpha for Kingmaker-- Please allow more two-weapon fighting feats into the game! When it comes to other potential melee options we have Barbarians, Tower shield specialists, Aldori Defenders, all sorts of Magus melee/caster combat available. Cavaliers for mount and spear charging. Multiple Archer options including all casting types and now zen archer. Every single type of martial has a decent amount of variance or at the very least game spanning builds.

Currently, for people who like a weapon in both hands, all we have in the game is the Two weapon fighting line, double slice, and hammer the gap. below are the current feats missing from the game that could be implemented to help solve the deficit:

  • Two-Weapon Grace

  • Two-Weapon Rend

  • Two-Weapon Feint

  • Two-Weapon Defense

  • Break Guard

  • Whirlwind Attack

The inclusion of all or at least some of the above feats will really round out the two-weapon fighting experience and give the player more room to grow. Additionally, now you animators can really spread thier wings with some of those new attack animations we got from hitting the pledge goal! See! Win / Win!


As a Knife Master main in both Kingmaker and PnP, I most certainly agree.

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Before adding these we need a dedicated two-weapon fighting Class.

Fighter Classes are locked and the Two-Weapon Warrior did NOT make it. It has some of your Feats built-in. However I see no sense in adding these Feats if you need to take dips into various Classes to make two weapon fighting a viable choice since that is like it is now.

Agreed but not Two weapon warrior has some built in feats like two weapon flurry etc. The feats listed above are general – plus who wouldn’t like whirlwind attack??

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Yes I concur. Needs more variety in how one like to play their characters.

Also … not sure if any team feats for range characters. That would be great too.

Not specifically, but most teamwork feats are not exclusive to melee. Outflank works, for instance.

that’s just one and partially. does range crit grant companion AoO? but vice versa… if any melee crit… i’m pretty sure the range character don’t get any AoO.

that being said… i’m not sure in pathfinder ruleset if there are any teamwork feats for range. if there is, i certainly like it being implemented. if there are for casters that be even great too.