Demon Wings Visuals

Just wanted to confirm that the “generic” demon wings are broken for everyone, and it’s not just me, as I didn’t see any other threads on it…

The wings of succubi, incubi, and abyssal bloodline sorcerers (which leads me to believe all of these are using a similar set of “added” wings vs the very nice looking ones for other major npcs) all appear to be attaching to models at the wrong spot, and therefore are significantly distorted.

I assume these are just unfinished visuals, but then again - it could be a “I need to reinstall” issue so it seemed worth verifying.

Wings are bugged, yes. Same goes for their tails as well.

Seems to still be the case in any of my tiefling play throughs, and player wings don’t appear either if you’re a dragon disciple or celestial ascended bloodline