Deity Selection (Later)

I have a Lvl 6 Sohei who wants to get his next Lvl as Paladin. I cannot choose Paladin, because I dont have a deity (I could select Cleric!). So how do I select a deity later in the game to open Paladin?

Normaly reasons Paladin cannot be selected is, it requires character to be only Lawful Good and not to be atheist, since you can select cleric it would seem you are not LG. Otherwise it seems to be bug.

Of course I am LG. So it is a bug. Is it possible at all to select a deity at all after character generation?

Paladin is in the list when leveling but in the end of the list with the nonselectable classes. Reason: does not have a deity. So I figured, I need to select one. But how?

I mean I selected deity at character creation. I have no idea if we can even skip it, since it plays role in some dialoges.
What deity you have?

You cannot choose deity without new class. You had to choose it on the class generation sheet, may be you had chosen ateism or something like that?

I do not think that is it.

Actually I have Atheism. I didnt pick a deity so I got it. So I can pick a cleric (atheism) but not a Paladin it seems. THis woul mean to start all over, or can I change from ateism to a deity somwhow?

Seems like you cannot, I don’t know any way.

I know you probably have been or have figured it out by now, but I thought I’d add that speaking to the respec guy in the inn can let you redo all aspects, even religion (not voice currently).

Yes thank you I did that.