Defender's heart companions

it seems implausible that nobody else has mentioned this, so perhaps it is a unique problem.

previous to the most recent build, accessing spellbooks and party companion inventory while at the defender’s heart was simple and intuitive. either the obvious is just beyond the grasp of this poor soul, or there is a bug at play because with the newest beta build, the only interactable character in defender’s heart is the main character, as well as the main’s animal companion.

maybe this is one of the numerous animal companion issues which has appeared in the new build? otherwise, it strains credulity that nobody else would have mentioned this curious new quirk.

I have the same problem, also in sword of valour. I work around by leaving camp and tahan reenter. But I think it is a bug.

having finished act 1, the problem of not being able to access companion inventories, spellbooks, etc., persists with the war camp. needing to transition to the world map to make any changes to companions is a serious buzzkill.

I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

In my case it only works in the commanders tent, but not in the rest of the warcamp.

new beta build. same beta build problem.

fresh install didn’t make a difference.

cannot access any character but the main and her animal companion while in camp.

current play is a colluding scoundrel/fey speaker, so respec kills any chance of choosing an animal companion class (another bug). no mods. nevertheless, respec of the main to a character with no animal companion does not fix the problem. while it seemed a longshot the problem was animal companion related, why not give it a try?

no solution. however, nobody else appears to have this problem.

it’s not animal companion related. my vanilla paladin main was alone when he spawned in Defender’s Heart and i was unable to access companions until i left and entered the city overmap, when the UI to select your party popped up.

I think by switching between C (character sheet) and I (inventory) I managed to make my party members pop-up up.

map transitions and switching between C and I are ineffectual solutions.

curiously, one save made post drezen assault is not bugged. the only conspicuous anomaly of this save: multiple companions are unleveled and have not applied their mythic tier three selection. however, the save is only unbugged temporarily unless there is interaction with a merchant. why? ask the gaming gods.


more curious. the single unbugged save is pure life saving gold because its fix carries over to other saves just so long as the main menu is not accessed. load saveX, interact with a merchant, and then load whatever save is currently being used. the companion access problem is solved just so long as there is no exit from wotr to the main menu or to the desktop.

this is an extreme annoying bug, but given the number of hours investing this tb playthrough on core, the quixotic solution mentioned here has been a viable alternative to a complete restart from level 1.