Deal with the devil and favor with the order of the rack

Is it at all possible to finish this quest as a worthy ruler in the eyes of Linxia?

I’ve tried not mentioning Darven, but all the paths lead to being unworthy…

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No, looks like that’s just the game LE plays. Getting you to try to live up to their standards and making sure you always fall short.

Hi Desiderius.

Thanks for the reply. Not what I was hoping for.
I guess ill replay the quest, and it not I who fail to live up to standards - it is that shitty hellknight terrorising my people, who let Darven slip into my lands and after failing to catch him for months dares call me an unworthy ruler… guess we will have to se about that…

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Yes, that’s why the proper resolution is to show her who’s Baron, one way or another.

Trying to win the approval of evil rarely works out well.