Damning Dearth of Dueling Dswords (crafting as a solution?)

Dueling Swords are neat and there’s a whole class built around them, but they are few and far between. I know that there are some mods that correct this by allowing for crafting magic items, but is there any official plan for adding in crafting so that builds built around less commonly available weapons can be more viable? If the answer is just to lean on mod support, I suppose that’s an answer as it works. Still, it’d be great if there were a native solution to this.


So far, there kind of is.
You have to find unique item, then you will get choice of cca 3 items you can turn it into.
This can be monster hide, broken lich phylactery or a unique weapon.

Crafting is not planned. I think they don’t like it. The only crafting we have in Wrath is crafting potions and scrolls.
The kingdom management has a system where you occasionally can choose between 3 different weapons, but that’s nothing like crafting.

I find the kingdom management crafting system rather annoying because it’s giving me a lot of cards and no detailed explanation of what I will get when I finish the project. I would prefer one card with three choices that could select and more detailed description of what the end result would be in game terms.

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Op, that was not alliterative enough. Disappointing drivel of dragon dorks.

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